Artists Of The Day: DJ 2-Tone Jones, Gerald Watson, & Aniekan Udofia: Shaolin Jazz Art

DJ 2-Tone Jones & Gerald Watson have been working with artist Aniekan Udofia since about 2000. From exhibiting his works at their monthly art show (the now defunct Artz $ Craftz), to the three of them being the three of the founding members of the creative group AM Radio, they have worked on numerous projects together so it was a no-brainer to integrate Aniekan’s talents into Shaolin Jazz.

For his part in the project DJ 2-Tone Jones & Gerlad Watson simply told Aniekan to develop a visual interpretation of SHAOLIN JAZZ which he did to a T. Below are some the remaining works (which were exhibited in their entirety at their NYC Listening Party) which are for sale Here… You can also view more their also.

SJ001 – Orange, NYC Black + Green (16×20) – $40

SJ002 – Grey, NYC Red + Black (16×20) – $40

SJ004 – Grey, NYC Red (16×20) – $40

SJ006 – Sky Blue, NYC Orange (16×20) – $40

SJ010 – Red, NYC Green + Orange (16×20) – $40

SJ015 – Pink, NYC Black w red + Lime (12×14) – $40

SJ016 – Lime Green, NYC Black + Orange (12×14) – $40

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Art is an original series of art works commissioned by Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones (the creators of SHAOLIN JAZZ) where the two brought in longtime collaborator, artist Aniekan Udofia, to create an exclusive series of works for the project, with the only direction given for Udofia to simply develop a visual interpretation of SHAOLIN JAZZ.

Visit Here… to check out more works and to purchase some of these fine pieces.

All works are $40.00 (USD) each plus a $15.00 (USD) shipping & handling fee. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping (domestic and international). Payments are accepted via PayPal: and direct questions to the same email (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY). NOTE: Please indicate painting of purchase via item number and color (ex. SJ001 – Orange, NYC Black + Green), all paintings are 1 of 1, spray paint on canvas, and all sales are FINAL.

More Info:

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