This Blog Will Be On A Short Hiatus (Bonus Mix: D Spliff of 1010 Spins – People I Grew Up With Vol 1)

Whats the good word?

Well the good word on my end is (as you can already tell by my non posting ass for the last month) I’m reworking the blog and have a lot of new things in store for you all.

So please be patient while I work on making everything a little more “FRESH”

Till then explore past posts cause thiers plenty of great stuff I posted over the last few months.And enjoy a classic hip hop mix by a classy guy and my good peoples……..

D Spliff of 1010 Spins – People I Grew Up With Vol 1


D Spliff has been One with the turntables since the age of 12. Armed with more of a need than a desire to skratch records, one day he tried imitating the opening skratch to De La Soul’s ‘Saturday’ on one of his cousins’ old Elvis records….and nailed it perfectly. His parents got him a set of Belt-driven Gemini turntables and mixer for that year’s Christmas.

His influences ranged from Grandmixer DXT, Dj Fuze, Dj Jazzy Jeff, (RIP) Mister Magic, Kool Dj Red Alert, Silver Surfer, Clark Kent, Pete Rock, FunkFlex, (RIP) Roc Raida, and Chill Will, in just about that order. Being a self-taught Dj (meaning no videos/books/ schools), he pretty much learned different skratches on his own. Other than the occasional skratch sessions with Local 139’er crew of Dj’s Nervousness, EQ, and SirPrize, he was pretty much on his own. Later being introduced to Nj’s own Dj No Good, he learned the basics of mixing house music, which he also began to incorporate into his hip hop skill set.Read more,listen, download and enjoy more mixes Here…


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