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Quote Of The Day (8/4): Bruce Lee

“Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing. It has no resting place, no form, no organized institution, no philosophy. When you see that, you will understand that this living thing is also what you are.” -Bruce Lee-

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10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax By Paul Joseph Watson (Bonus: Omar Bin Laden, Son Of Osama Criticizes US Over Father’s Killing) (Added Bonus: Mos Def, William Cooper & Immortal Technique – Bin Laden Remix)

I don’t like Alex Jones.I think he is a a fear monger.So in no way is this repost promoting him but perhaps Paul Joseph Watson who actually wrote the article instead.And like I said nor do I promote Osama Bin … Continue reading

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