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Picture Of The Day(s) – (3/30) The Sphinx And Pyramid Of Khafre (3/31) A Dolomite X-MAS

(3/30) The Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre. Photo © Richard Beck I forgot to pop up a picture of the day for yesterday.So here is yesterdays and today’s. (3/31) A Dolomite X-MAS.Apparently Dolomite not only had his ho’s get black … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro: NATO’s Plan Is To Occupy Libya (Granma International)

(1977: Gaddafi with Cuban leader Fidel Castro) Fidel Castro: NATO’s plan is to occupy Libya (The following is from the Cuban paper, Granma International) Oil became the principal wealth in the hands of the large yankee transnationals; with that source … Continue reading

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