New Music (7/26): The Outlawz & Lil Cease, Ghostface & Doom (DoomStarks), Sene, Stro Elliot (From The Stare), M.I.A., St Vincent, Andy Allo & Prince, Jadakiss & Styles P, Nas & Keyshia Cole, & Washed Out

The Outlawz and Lil Cease squash any beef they had in the past.This is off DJ Kay Slays’s upcoming album Rhyme Or Die.
DJ Kay Slay – Bury Tha Hatchet Feat The Outlawz & Lil Cease

Spotted@ OKP
The remix dropped 2 weeks ago.XXL premiered the full OG version of the track yesterday.Will they ever drop a full LP,who knows? Hopefully (crosses fingers).
DOOMSTARKS – Victory Laps (OG Version)

Off the Exclusive Instrumental project from Stro Elliot. A collection of unreleased and released music spanning his days as one of the Procussions, till 2010. After completing work on Mr. J. Medeiros “Saudade” album release, Stro is excited to begin work on his solo material. This Compilation of music handpicked with the help of his friend DJ Inka One, sets the table as a great appetizer of what’s to come from the producer/artist in the near future.
Stro Elliot (From The Stare) – Yesterday’s Chop Suey

Spotted @ Stereo Gum
In memory of Amy and “all her friends that died at 27,” M.I.A. shared a demo of “27,” a song recorded before her Vicki Leekx mix from end of December, but never released.
MIA – 27

New track off the very melodic St.Vincents, Strange Mercy dropping Sept 13th 2011.
St Vincent – Surgeon

A very heartfelt cover and tribute to the late great Amy Winehouse by Andy Allo and The Legendary Prince on the guitar.
Andy Allo & Prince – Love Is A Losing Game (Amy Winehouse Tribute)

I didn’t really feel the lyrics on the Jay and Kanye track Otis.It actually made me turn the song off halfway and pop on Otis OG version.I did like the beat however.So here is a version with slightly better lyrics by LOX members Jadakiss and Styles P.
Jadakiss & Styles P – Otis Freestyle

Via: Geno Sims
Fresh leak from Nas from producer Geno Sims.

Well as you know I worked with a wide range of talent. One cool dude I got to kick it with was my man Nas. Nas is a talented, funny, cool individual. Actually his brother Jungle, to me is one of the funniest dudes I ever met. Don’t believe me check the N.O.R.E. skits. I must credit Jungle though, he was a visionary with A&R talent as well. This song was done in 2005 while I was recording “Press Play”. This beat was one out of many sitting around. I felt this beat was Hip-Hop and to me I pictured Nas flowing to this beat, it was NYC, Queens, and most of all had substance. Well as we know the track never made the album, however the countless studio sessions with Nas and Keyshia were priceless. They were never in the studio at the sametime. Yummy Bingham originally wrote and referenced the hook. I wish this song made it to Press Play, but it never did, I thought the world could use some blessings from Godson.
-Geno Sims-

Nas – More Than I Can Say Featuring Keyshia Cole

Spotted @ Stereo Gum
Really nice cover of Chris Isaaks Wiked Games from back in the day.From Washed Out’s XMU session that will premiere next Wednesday night, 8/3 at 9 PM EST. Within And Without is out now via Sub Pop.On a side note Chris’s video was the shit for that song back in the day when I was very young.
Washed Out – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

Blu puts his production touch on the opening verse from sene’s 10 1/2 minute opus, “exit,us.”.

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