FreEP: Curtiss King – DIY (EP) Presented by Ashley Outrageous x Black Cloud Music (2011) (Free Download)

After much anticipation Curtiss King drops his 9 track “DIY” ep, presented by Ashley Outrageous and Black Cloud Music. DIY includes features from Sean Falyon, Dirty Birdy, Noa James, Faimkills, and Faye Valintine as well as production from Curtiss King, Tae Beast, Skhyehutch, and Jynxx.

Download: Here…


1. 21Sev7n (Produced by Curtiss King)
2. Sinbad (Produced by Curtiss King)
3. Thats How My Days Goin (Produced by Jynxx)
4. Zipperlips (Produced by Curtiss King)
5. P.C.C. (Produced by Curtiss King)
6. Supernova ft. Faye Valintine x Noa James (Produced by Skhyehutch)
7. FeelsGood (Produced by Curtiss King
8. What I Need ft. Sean Falyon x Dirty Birdy (Produced by Jynxx)
9. Point Your Fingers ft. Faimkills (Produced by Tae Beast)

Music Videos:
Curtiss King – 21Sev7n –
Curtiss King – Thats How My Days Goin –

Twitter: @Curtissking

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