New Music Of The Day: (7/1) Mia Doi Todd + José González – Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo, Uppanotch – Around the World, The Kid Daytona – Summertime in the City, Lil B – Trapped In Prison & Unchain Me, Ryan Adams – Empty Room Featuring Mandy Moore & Nutshell (Alice in Chains Cover), & Rebellious – You Can’t Stop Me Now

Figured I would throw up tomorrows new music a couple hours early, out of boredom.Enjoy!

Red Hot + Rio 2 is a modern tribute to the late 60’s Brazilian Tropicália movement. The album sheds new light on the songs of this influential, politically charged era, which changed the culture of the country forever. The compilation features over 33 original collaborations between Brazil’s legendary musicians and today’s international indie artists including John Legend, Alice Smith, Aloe Blacc, Cults, Angelique Kidjo, Os Mutantes, Devendra Banhart, Caetano Veloso, Seu Jorge, Beck, Bebel Gilberto, José González, Beirut, Tom Zé, Javelin, Of Montreal, Marisa Monte, Madlib, and many more. Red Hot + Rio 2 is the latest entry in the series of tribute albums produced by the Red Hot Organization to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.This is one of the joints off the incredible album.
Mia Doi Todd + José González – Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo

And you can stream the entire album Here…

South Carolina duo Rebellious drops a new joint “You Can’t Stop Me Now” produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.
Rebellious – You Can’t Stop Me Now

Another leak from my favorite Queens dou Uppanotch (your rappers favorite rappers) Off the album “11” Vocals by Danon and Hosannah, produced by Kiza. 11 drops July 4th.
Uppanotch – Around the World

The Kid Daytona rocks over The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff’s Summertime.This is off Peter Rosenberg’s upcoming mixtape “What’s Poppin Vol. 1.
The Kid Daytona – Summertime in the City

What can I say then this album completely caught me off guard because I never really tried to listen to Lil B except for a few songs in which I disliked.Then add in the albums name, I’m Gay and I was like what the fuck ???? Then as I journeyed around the net I began reading high compliments from the likes of Lupe Fiasco and 9th Wonder.I figured fuck it and checked it out.And I got to say the album is bananas and ironically, he seems to be taking this album seriously.This is my favorite cut out of many off I’m Gay 😦
Lil B – Trapped In Prison

Bonus Gayness:
Another cut I’m digging off I’m Gay where he kills it over The Lost Boys (1987) Theme Music that Starred The Coreys.The Songs is Sisters Of Mercy “Cry Little Sister” (I think)
Lil B – Unchain Me

Thank you Based God

Off Ryan Adams tour-only 7″ featuring a previously unreleased track called “Empty Room( With Wife Mandy Moore)” and a cover of Alice in Chain’s “Nutshell”.
Ryan Adams – Empty Room Featuring Mandy Moore

Ryan Adams – Nutshell (Alice in Chains Cover)


Each verse of “Better” is based on a true story. The basic idea of Better was to tell three separate stories about individuals who overcame incredible hardships to make their lives “better” despite all the odds.
Illus – Better Featuring Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh

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