Audio: Star & Buc Wild Go In On The 2011 BET Awards On 100.3 FM Philly (June 2011)

I wish these guys were still in NYC.This had me laughing 🙂

Star & Buc Wild began as writers as Source Magazine in 1995, based in part on the success of the magazine that they launched in 1993, Around The Way. The duo stayed at Source through 1998, when they launched a public access TV show in New York City. The pair caught the attention of MTV, who gave them a daily show that ran from 1999-2000.Read More Here..

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Uploaded by mayamedena on Jun 30, 2011

Hire the media magnets Star & Buc Wild from 100.3 THE BEAT for your next social gathering, exclusive party or summer event. Star & Buc Wild will pack your celebration and shut down the stage with non-stop entertainment. They are the hosts with the most, the masters of ceremony and the life of the party! Star & Buc Wild are also available for Independent film projects!

For further info contact:

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