Mixtape: Willie Evans Jr. Billy Lotion (2011) (Free Download)

The good people over at High Water Music asked me to stop playing Tekken 6 long enough to explain/talk about Billy Lotion. Billy Lotion is essentially the product of Sucio Smash letting me hear Aloe Blacc’s most recent album and then saying “What if you made a beat cd out of this album?” After listening to (and being blown away by) the album I sat down, partook of the shrubbery and made beats. It’s pretty much that simple. This is basically a pet project that, through the magic of the ‘SucioPrism’ is now in your hard drive and hopefully on your phone/ipod/pad/blah. Please enjoy. And buy 1000 copies of my next album. I’m obligated to say that. But do it though.
– Willie Evans Jr.


01 BlackBlack (NoTakeBack)
02 DollarBill
03 FemmeEwoks
04 ForcedGrin
05 Fortune500
06 GreenishLights
07 GurdThangs
08 HardLife (CreamedCorn)
09 HeavyBeThereBrutha
10 IfIfWasAFif
11 MomfordAndSon
12 RapGames

Download: Willie Evans Jr. Billy Lotion (Mixtape)

Via: Giant Step

Willie’s Introducin’ LP (dropped July 19th 2011)

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