FreEP: Novel – Grant Me Serenity EP (2011 (Free Download)

The precursor EP before Novel drops another FrEp later on this year called Calligraphy.

Novel (n): a narrative of considerable length and complexity, portraying characters and dealing especially with human experience through a connected sequence of events

Novel (adj): Strikingly new, unusual, or different, especially in conception or style; original and of a kind not seen before

It’s a fittingly double-edged moniker, for a man whose ‘pen game’ is much sharper than any sword. Indeed, Alonzo “Novel” Stevenson is a bit of a paradox. His forthcoming debut on Capitol Records, The Audiobiography… is a study in creative duality: equal parts sung and rapped. A daring opening salvo, given urban music’s penchant for pigeonholing artists. Yet as Novel opens up, and his life’s path and inspirations come into focus, his music seems less contradictory, more complementary. A product of luminary musical lineage—grandson of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Solomon Burke, son of former Motown VP Mickey Stevenson– Novel is unequivocal about his own niche: “I consider it hip-hop.” Read More Here…


01. Serenity (feat. Muzi)
02. Body Down
03. Get You High
04. Celebrate (feat. Muzi)
05. Muzi & Shoden!1 – DearHeartBeat (feat. Novel)
06. Vanilla Sky
07. Eraser 2012
08. Momma Said
09. I’m Not Drunk
10. Blue Girl

Download: Novel – Grant Me Serenity

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