Album Watch: Uppanotch “11” Dropping July 4th 2011


Uppanotch announces the release of their second album entitled 11. The album is set to be
released on July 4th 2011, and is much anticipated by Uppanotch listeners and contemporaries.
Each song is crafted and delivered with sincerity and conviction and employs the listener’s empathy,
intellect and action. From contemplating capitalism to reflecting on the evolution of the music industry
and from reminiscing on loves bitter sweet sting to navigating the struggles of being an academic, these two sneaker wearing, textbook toting urban griots from East Elmhurst, Queens hit home in a way that causes heads to nod and minds to expand. Uppanotch is what it sounds like when book smarts and street smarts meet over fly production from Pushakey (8 tracks), Kiza (2 tracks), and Shakim Allah (1 track).

Danon and Hosannah honor hip hop with stunningly spun stories drawn from real life struggles that are honest and relatable. Danon, a law school graduate, has a smooth melodic cadence and a story teller’s cleverness and ease. Hosannah, a PhD candidate in the field of aerosol sci ence, displays tenacity and a fierceness in his voice that is riveting. They are true wordsmiths infusing their message with positivity and a level of intentionality that is sure to be their firebrand. 11 accurately sketches a portrait of real life with clever word play, staggering eloquence, and impeccable relevance. Community minded and entrepreneurial, Uppanotch seeks to take their music above and beyond the status quo. They aim to surpass the ordinary scale of 1 to 10 with 11.

It’s all about taking it UPPANOTCH!!!
Album Cover:

Track Listing:

2.I Do It
5.Letting Go
6. I Work Hard
7. S.O.T.E.
8. Rare Form
9. Around The World
10. Invincible
11. Silently Fallin’

Uppanotch – Silently Fallin

Uppanotch – Pimp

Uppanotch – I Work Hard

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