Album Of The Day: The Travaler Ep By Kris Mars (2011) (Free Download)

Early on KRIS MARS had a niche for reciting and writing words of poetry.As time went on, he began listening to different types of music while hanging around his parents family owned barber shop.His parents business helped the young Kris Mars be up to date on different current events and viewpoints expressed by a wide variety of clients.The barbershop experience later became a spark of inspiration for Mars music career.The different people he met inspired him to make music that everyone could enjoy and relate to.Outside of the family business,Kris Mars home life fostered his passion for music. He was free to learn and create what he pleased.His home became a haven for new ideas and free spirited thoughts.Mars has experienced a childhood in which diversity and self-expression influenced his music greatly.Refusing to not only reside with the hip hop genre,Mars listened to everything from Jay-Z, Pharrell, Elton John to Miles Davis and N.E.R.D.Planning to build his career on a stage of variety and assortment,
.His unique style can be used as an outlet to release energy and remind people to have fun. Kris Mars mission in his career is to create feel good music that all can enjoy and will potentially take his career mainstream and worldwide.His international and unique style intrigues his listeners by leaving them waiting for more.Kris Mars believes in living free and sticking to who you are no matter what. we are all are own rebels.

The Travaler Ep By Kris Mars
released 14 June 2011

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