New Tracks Of The Day: (6/10) (Part 2) Drake – Marvin’s Room, Cee-Lo Green – Green-Baby I Dont Care, Beyonce – I Miss You, Tyler The Creator – Nightmare, Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5′ 9) – Above The Law, Royce Da 5′ 9 – Second Place Produced By DJ Premier, Bah Samba – Moonlight Featuring Liv Lykke, Eric Roberson – Summer Time Anthem Featuring Chubb Rock, & Lenny Kravitz – Stand (You’re Gonna Run Again)

As promised a part 2 of new tracks.Due to the lack of posting and being M.I.A and really the slacking I guess I kind of misjudged the amount of actual good new joints that dropped.Oh well at least I came through.I still got some left over new tracks I’ll try to post tomorrow before I leave for the weekend.Enjoy!

New Drake joint.I’m definitely not a fan of Drakes rapping.But dude can definitely make R&B joints.Plus I think he is a good writer.I’m really digging this joint.It got that angel dust type of soul I been really digging ala The Wknd.Drakes new album Take Care drops Oct. 24.The single drops in July.This track is produced by Noah 40 Shebib.The tracks is via Drake’s Blog
Drake – Marvin’s Room

New Cee-lo Green.From the compilation, Rave On Buddy Holly that is dropping June 28, 2011 Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group..Besides The Soul Machine Mr Green it also features Modest Mouse, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Kid Rock, Fiona Apple, The Black Keys, and many more.
Cee-Lo Green – Green-Baby – I Dont Care

Another nice summer cut following up Stalley’s Summertime In America in the last post.This is some new Eric Roberson featuring one of my favorite guest stars on tracks back in the day Chubb Rock.This is off Eric’s Mr. Nice Guy? dropping in August.I’m loving the Do The Right Thing cover and Chubb Rock reference in the track to one of my all time favorite chicks Rosie Perez.Especially due to this weeks heatwave always reminds me of the scene with Maaaaaaa mmmmooookie and her with the ice cubes.I like this track though, it makes me want to boycott Sals Pizza 😦 And props to whomever produced this.They killed that George Benson sample :)Overall a nice new track with a 90’s feel.RIP Radio Raheem.
Eric Roberson – Summer Time Anthem Feat. Chubb Rock

Off Beyonce’s recently leaked Album 4 that officialy drops June 28.Wanted to post the track she did with Andre 3000, but I wasn’t really feeling it to be honest.Call me a sap but I am digging this joint.Kind of the narcotic type of R&B that Drake and The Wknd are doing but with less of a narcotic dosage and more pop induced.Props to the cover, I Luh it 🙂
Beyonce – I Miss You

Like I said I am not really a fan of OFWGKTA, Odd Future, or Tylers but I kind of slept on them totally due to the fact I felt to old to truly appreciate these guys.My cousin was knocking this the other day though and I actually dug it.So like I said I’m not a fan of their rapping but I I won’t front on them anymore and will say I am a fan of their production and enthusiasm.I know this isn’t brand spanking new.But its brand new enough and brand new to me.This is off Goblin the second studio album by OFWGKTA member Tyler, the Creator. It was released on May 10, 2011 through XL Recordings.
Tyler The Creator – Nightmare

The original OFWGKTA Royce and Em off Hell: The Sequel their debut EP. The EP is scheduled for release on June 13, 2011 by Shady Records and Interscope Records
Bad Meets Evil – Above The Law

A nice follow up to the Bad Meets Evil tracks above.New single off Royce’s Success Is Certain dropping July 26th.And the beauty of it DJ Premier produced it.Personally I would rather a Premo/Royce collab then one with Em.Hopefully one day 🙂
Royce Da 5′ 9 – Second Place Produced By DJ Premier

Kind of out my box on the house tip some New Bah Samba off his album Shake The Dog that drops in July.This features Liv Lykke on the vocals.I like this 🙂 I can picture being on some absinthe in Prague and having a great time with two Betty’s and awaking getting my legs cut off on some Hostile shit 😦
Bah Samba – Moonlight Featuring Liv Lykke

New Denise Cosby’s ex Lenny.Off Lenny’s new album Black And White that drops August.On a Kravitz related note.The new X-Men was the shit with his daughter Zoe.Anywhoo its always great to hear some new Lenny.
Lenny Kravitz – Stand (You’re Gonna Run Again)

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