New Tracks Of The Day: (6/10) (Part 1) Uppanotch – Silently Fallin, City and Colour – Sorrowing Man, Stalley – Summer In America, Skylar Grey – Dance Without You, Mr. J. Medeiros – Swallow (Feat.Logan), Willie Evans Jr – BlackBlack (NoTakeBack), Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts Featuring Adam Levine Of Maroon 5

Beyond slacking in the last few days and being M.I.A. from posting anything at all especially new tracks, their hasn’t been a whole lot to post in this area to begin with( that I was feeling)So here is part 1 of new tracks I’m feeling as I play catch up with the ones I do feel.

New track from Queens duo Hosannah & Danon, Uppanotch.Off the album “11″ that is dropping soon.Vocals by Danon and Hosannah, produced byproduced by Shakim Allah.
Uppanotch – Silently Fallin

Another track I really dig, I will post off Little Hell the third album by City and Colour, an acoustic side project of Alexisonfire vocalist/guitarist Dallas Green, that dropped on June 7, 2011.
City and Colour – Sorrowing Man

Nice new summer anthem homage to my favorite musician Gil Scott Heron, from the brother Stalley
Stalley – Summer In America

The passing of Gil Scott-Heron on May 27, 2011 prompts reflection. His fusion of blues, jazz and soul combined with clear, concise social commentary is at the core of hip-hop’s roots. The longevity of his career too proves something often ignored – our voices stand as long as we wish to allow. Celebration of the Summer is a typical theme of rap music, we’re here again 20 years after Fresh Prince spit happy-go-lucky bars… and we’ll be here again two decades from now. Scott-Heron’s legacy of activism through words and voice should not be forgotten, and neither should the potential to both entertain and teach in the truest sense simultaneously.

About the Art: Palmer Hayden, Midsummer Night in Harlem (1938). Born in 1890, Hayden received the prestigious Harmon Foundation Prize in 1926 facilitating several years study and training in Paris. He returned to the United States in 1932, finding steady work with the U.S. Treasury Art Project and the Works Progress Administration. Hayden portrayed the African American experience, both rural and urban, painting within that narrative the ups and downs of American life.

New single from Skylar Grey aka Holly Brook.Not sure what this will be on, but I’m really feeling it once I got past the beat which sounds kind of busy in every direction.She sounds great though.
Skylar Grey – Dance Without You

Newest single from Mr. J. Medeiros “Swallow” feat. Logan.Mr. J’s album Saudade drops June 14th.Make sure to cop it.I’ve had it in heavy rotation.One of the best pieces of work I’ve heard in months.You can buy it Here…
Mr. J. Medeiros – Swallow (feat.Logan)

Another Willie Evans Jr. chopping extravaganza, reworking Aloe Blacc’s last album. This track is part of Willie’s “Billy Lotion”, a project that finds him flipping Aloe Blacc’s “Good Things” album into Hip Hop beats.Billy Lotion is coming soon with Introducin’, Willie Evans Jr new album, following on July 19th.
Willie Evans Jr – BlackBlack (NoTakeBack)

New Gym Class Heroes featuring Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine.Kind of wimpy,but its got a nice feel good vibe and I’m not a tough guy. I’m digging it.Its off Gym Class’s The Papercut Chronicles II which drops soon.
Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts Featuring Adam Levine Of Maroon 5

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