Mixtape: DJ Brainchild & Dego: It’s All Over The Place (Featuring Unreleased Beats, & Tracks From Dego Projects Like 4hero, Roy Ayers, Silhouette Brown, 2000 Black, DKD, & More Mixed By DJ Brainchild! (2011) (Free Download)

Great chillout mix for the weekend.This mix features unreleased beats, and tracks from Dego projects like 4hero, Silhouette Brown, 2000 Black, DKD, and more mixed by DJ Brainchild!

1. Dego “Da Fuzz” (feat. Matt Lord)
2. 4hero “Hold It Down” (feat. Lady Alma)
3. Silhouette Brown “They Can’t Tell Us”
4. DKD “Future Rage”
5. Dego “DNP” exclusive
6. Dego “Love & Hate You” (feat. Obenewa)
7. Dego “Sparkling Minds (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
8. 4hero “Something In The Way” (feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham)
9. Silhouette Brown “Strawberries In Vinegar”
10. 2000Black “Lose It” (feat. Face)
11. DKD “Natty Head”
12. Dego “They Never Know” (feat. Sarina Leah)
13. Dego “We Are Virgo” (feat. Kaidi Tatham)
14. Tek 9 “Interlude”
15. Dego “Whatever” (feat. The Luv Bugz)
16. Capitol A “Doing It Up”
17. Dego “Valentines” exclusive
18. Dego “Pushing You To Begin” (feat. Ferraz)
19. 2000Black “So Right” (feat. Ferraz)
20. MM Black “2000 Black” (feat. Roy Ayers)
21. 4hero “Universal Love” (feat. Carol Cosby)
22. Tek 9 “You Got To Slow Down”
23. Jacob’s Optical Stairway “Jacob’s Optical Illusion”
24. Da One Away “Trash Da Junk”
25. 2000Black “If You Got 3 Wishes”
26. 2000Black “Forgot The Steel Pans”
27. Focus “Having Your Fun” (4hero Remix)
28. 2000Black “Got Me Puzzled” (feat. Face, Dego & Kaidi)
29. Dego “Right From Wrong” (feat. Tosin Tao)
30. Dego “Road Lessons” exclusive

Download: DJ Brainchild X Dego “It’s All Over The Place”

Via: djbrainchild.com

Dego’s debut solo LP “A Wha’ Him Deh Pon?”, out June 20th!

Get a free download of two tracks that didn’t make the album on Dego’s Site

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