FreEP:Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) – DPPLGNGR (2011) (Free Download)

Looking back over the years (2010, 2009 & 2008) it has become tradition to give yall music on my birthday. I consider it my gift to you for allowing me to live this dream for so long. Trust me it is not getting any easier but nonetheless wether its fumes or a full tank I push on. We won’t get into that today…

So yeah its my birthday and there are a million things that I want including (but not limited to) a coffee grinder, Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey”, Air Jordan 3 “True Blue”, Blackberry 9900, lower rent, a vacation, camo shorts, button down shirts, socks, underwear, a good book and the time to read it, a tour, jeans or cold hard cash*.

If that extensive list of objects doesn’t work for you feel free to drop by and buy the bandcamp version of Don Cusack since those sales actually make it to the my pocket. I’ve updated the release to include the ‘Breathe’ music video for the occasion so that’s a whopping two music videos, three non album remixes and special bonus artwork for the low-low price of $10. If you already have it you can buy a copy for somebody else who doesn’t by entering their email address in field during the check out process.

In closing I’d just like to say thanks for helping me make it around the sun one more time and hopefully a better version of me will see you at this time next year.

released 04 June 2011
Words: Donwill
Beats: Suff Daddy

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