Video Of The Day: Amazing Musician Plays 3 Simultaneously

I couldn’t find a more fitting picture to this video then the one above.Because when I watched this video it made me think “Ohhhhhhh Snap” indeed.Avtually I thought “Oh Siiiiit” cause I’m around a lot of jail cats often.But I’ll clean it up with “Oh Snap” for this post.This women is incredible though.I was actually playing Gil Scott Heron’s (RIP) when I ran across this video.I turned it down while I watched this.But when it was over Angel Dust came back on.It made me think if I actually saw this live on angel dust,I’d probably jump out a window in fear the devil was in the room:( Oh Snap 😦 Anywhoo she needs to get some good songs and go on the road as a one man band and charge venues and studios the price of an entire group.

Ohhhhhh Snaaaaaappppppp!!!!!

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