Mr. Familiar – FamiliarButNew (Featuring: J. NiCS & Albert Vargas) (2011) (Free Download)

“FamiliarButNew” is an instrumental EP consisting of 9 tracks. Fully instrumental except for the song “Wings” a refreshing track featuring J.Nics & Albert Vargas.

Mr. Familiar is a three man production team based out of Miami, FL. They’ve worked with Solange Knowles, Yelawolf, Steven A. Clark, J.Nics, Albert Vargas, Ghostwridah, Rico Love, Jim Jonsin, Demolition Crew, as well as others.

Familiar [fuh-mil-yer] – adjective : Commonly or generally known or seen.
New [nu] – adjective : Of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time.

You see, we all live in a world full of contradictions, it’s a daily occurrence, and at many times it’s personally unavoidable. Contradictions are viewed in a negative light. It’s sort of a unfavorable quality of society, and an inconsistency of life. Familiar. But. New… A statement that as confusing as it may sound has never been more appropriate.

FamiliarButNew, simply put, the most genuine title Mr. Familiar could’ve chosen, anything else would’ve been an attempt at insulting your intelligence, a pursuit towards deceiving you away from the undeniable truth. Mr. Familiar is a friendly astronaut in a robot suit, think of him as your favorite uncle, the one everybody in the family adores. It just happens to be, at his unfortunate displeasure, that he’s comprised of 3 of the most menacing, brutal, and mischievous compositions in existence. He’s a walking, sometimes floating, oxymoron.

I know, at this moment you’re thinking to yourself, can this somehow be genuinely appropriate or an unfavorable inconsistency? Bad or good? Negative or positive? Ying or Yang? If by this point you don’t feel enlightened, but instead rather confused or befuddled, well there’s only one way to clear your mind, hit play and let all of Mr. Familiars positive contradictions express themselves through the music.
-Mr. Familiar-

Mr. Familiar encourages any and all artists to experiment, write, listen, vibe, and or enjoy the hell out of this project. Don’t hesitate to send them any ideas, remixes, or concepts you come up with.
FreeLve is the conglomerate, join them at to keep up with the movement.
For any inquiries email

released 25 May 2011
Produced by Mr. Familiar.
Additional instrumentation by Jesus “Zues” Muñoz.Free Lve.

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