Mixtape: S.I.R. – Excuse Me S.I.R.: Artificial Happiness (Mixtape) (2011) (Free Download) (Bonus Videos: Who Shot Ya, Big Head, & Mary’s Interlude)

The debut mixtape for Mr. Smooth. Irregular. Rhythm.

Hailing from life Matthew Ford (S.I.R.) is a music artist of no other kind. His interest in the art all began with the Philadelphia Youth Poetry movement in 2006. He performed and open for other artists every Saturday until he realized he actually made the crowed move with his lyrical cleverness. These performances took him down many different paths. He later joined two groups but decided to take his leave due to creative differences. S.I.R is an inspiring Hip Hop lyricist, song-writer, and all around artist with a specific purpose; not only to make music for the masses, but to also set a newly-established trend of hip-hop unlike all of his predecessors.

Download: S.I.R. – Excuse Me S.I.R.: Artificial Happiness (Mixtape)

Who Shot Ya (S.I.R) Video

Big Head (S.I.R.) Video

S.I.R. – Mary’s Interlude (Official Music Video)

Visuals for the 3rd single off S.I.R.’s debut mixtape, “Excuse Me S.I.R.: Artificial Happiness. Produced by RVD Films (Ryan Do)

Twitter: @Excuse_me_SIR
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SIRsounds

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