Mixtape: (Brick City Representative) Traz Messiah These Are My Roots, Vol 1 Hosted Almaze & DJ Blast (Featuring: Saladin, Vertica, Nauce Da’ Boss, Rick F, & More) (Free Download)

I ran into this mixtape a few months ago when I posted a track by Traz Messiah as Track Of The Day called A Better Ending. Which I’m loving. I should of posted this mixtape back then because I really dig it. But who knows??? Luckily I was in the mood for some good music this morning and thought of this cat. So better late then never.Fusing soul, rock, pop, blues, & hip-hop, Jersey Native Traz Messiah let loose this mixtape a few months ago.Check out a preview in the player after the jump, a download link, his bio and Traz’s contact .Enjoy!!!


Traz Messiah These Are My Roots, Vol 1 Hosted Almaze & DJ Blast (Featuring: Saladin, Vertica, Nauce Da’ Boss, Rick F, & More)


* 1.Intro
* 2.Newark Is My Heart
* 3.Pop Bottles
* 4.Do Better
* 5.Interview 1
* 6.La, La, La
* 7.Fabulous Life
* 8.Interview 2
* 9.Henny On The Ground feat. Vertica
* 10.Time For change
* 11.Interview 3
* 12.Home by One Day Left feat Traz Me
* 13.Only Cause Of You Feat. Saladin,
* 14.Interview 4
* 15.Kick Push
* 16.Scenario
* 17.Interview 5
* 18.Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting
* 19.That’s Why feat. Nauce Da’ Boss
* 20.The Only One In Love feat. Rick F
* 21.Interview 6
* 22.Trimming The Fat

Download: Traz Messiah – These Are My Roots, vol 1 Here…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Traz Messiah Bio:

From the streets of Newark, NJ comes singer-songwriter, Traz Messiah. He and his Future Musik Entertainment Family are committed to one thing: pushing the envelope to create the sounds of tomorrow, for your enjoyment today. Fusing soul, rock, pop, blues, & hip-hop, Traz has created a sound he dubs as “Future Musik”. As Traz explains, “In the future, people won’t be as concerned as they are now with trying to define what genre a song or an artist fits into. They will simply begin describing music as either good or bad. In the future nothing else will matter.” Traz’s music reflects the many influences that have fueled his fascination with songwriting and performing, but his unique ability to seamlessly blend so many styles from one song to the next is what separates him from anyone else today.

From his earliest days, Traz displayed a gift for music. Although Traz was an inner-city child growing up in the 80’s/90’s during Hip-Hop’s infancy, he was not immediately exposed to it like many of his neighborhood friends and classmates were. His mother and father were huge fans of all types of music which they spent much of their free time sharing with Traz. They would often sit together in the living room of their small one bedroom apartment on 5th Street listening to artist like Sam Cooke, Kenny Rodgers, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Donna Summer and Guns & Roses. Traz was 9 years old when the power of Hip-Hop finally took hold of him. From the moment he discovered Run-DMC and LL Cool J, he knew this music spoke to him in ways that everything else could not.

Over the years, Traz spent his free time developing his ability to rap. While rap and Hip-Hop provided the foundation for his self expression, he eventually began to feel that there were talents within him that might allow him to speak, not only to those who loved Hip-Hop, but also to those who would never think of listening to a rap song.

In early 2001, he began experimenting with a fusion of rap and rock music that eventually led to a meeting with a hardcore trio from the Bronx known, at the time, as “10 K Spike”. Within a year of their initial meeting, they would form a rap/metal band known as “One Day Left”. After 4 years of recording and gigging all over New York and New Jersey, One Day Left signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 2006. During that time the Band was fortunate enough to record with such acclaimed producers as Grammy award winner Matt Hyde (No Doubt, Porno for Pyros, Sublime, and Sum 41) and the Souldiggaz (Missy Elliot, Puff Daddy, Ashlee Simpson, and Mary J. Blige). Due to circumstances beyond the band’s control, the project recorded under Atlantic was ultimately never released. The following year, Traz and One Day Left mutually agreed to disband. As a result of having their experience at a Major Label end without much to show for it, Traz became disenchanted and took several years to re-evaluate why he began doing music in the first place. It was after this period of reflection that he emerged with his new sound: Future Musik. With all the experience gained in his travels as an artist, Traz is now ready to take his talent to the masses. He is what others only dream of being: Tomorrow’s Superstar, here today.

Get at Traz Messiah



Purchase Traz Messiah’s New EP Shiftwork. Available Now on Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/trazmessiah-on-amazon

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