Video: X-Men (Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, & Roc Raida) (The X-Ecutioners) DJ Set On WNYU (1995) (RIP Roc Raida) (Bonus Videos: MC World 1995 DJ Roc Raida & A Roc Raida JMJ Tribute Set (Throwbacks)

Shout outs to for this.This brought back a lot of fond memories.From seeing The X-Men killing it on the tables to their selections of classic 90’s hip hop.Plus the great memories of seeing them live back in the day to having a pretty cool X-Men shirt I got at Fat Beats back in the day and had some stripper (friend of a friend) shortly after skate off with after a crazy night cause I accidentally spilled some man shake on her shirt .And out of all the shirts in my collection I gave her the X-Men shirt 😦 cause the nerd in me found it hot to see her in it in her panties.Well anyway the shirt went missing around 97 or 98.And despite a bunch of milk carton ads, no luck..I never saw her again or the shirt. And the funny/cool/odd thing is I actually saw the chick around 2009 (who I would of thought would have been dead or something) and she was looking finer then ever.She was with what looked like her husband and looked uncomfortable so I took a L once again for the shirt and never said anything about the shirt or the night.In retrospect as cool as the shirt was I did have a great night though.So I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too;( Anywhoo enjoy this clip and thanks once again to for posting it. RIP Roc Raida!!!

THE X-MEN – WNYU -R.I.P. GM ROC RAIDA.Donations can be sent directly to his family through using: goes directly to the bank account Raida & his wife shared. 100% legit

X-Men (The X-Ecutioners) On WNYU (1995)
Uploaded by MrMaxPounder on May 10, 2011

New York-based turntable group the X-ecutioners were, along with San Francisco’s Invisibl Skratch Piklz, among the first all-DJ outfits to sign a recording contract, and the first to release a full-length album focusing on the art of turntable tricknology. Formerly known as the X-Men (they changed their name, for copyright reasons, when they signed with the Asphodel label in 1997), the four-person group consists of Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, and Roc Raida; a world-renowned crew whose past credits include national and international titles for trick and battle DJing, as well as live and studio work with artists such as Organized Konfusion, Large Professor, the Beatnuts, and Artifacts. Originally formed in 1989 by Roc Raida with Steve D, Johnny Cash, and Sean Cee, the group adopted the name X-Men on the occasion of a battle with another New York crew, the Supermen (that battle never happened). They went to return the DJ to a position of prominence in hip-hop, a position largely usurped in the ’80s and ’90s by MCs and producers, as rap grew into one of the largest and most profitable genres in the American music industry. Making entirely new tracks from bits and pieces of other records manipulated by hand (rather than with a sampler and sequencer), the X-ecutioners combine state-of-the-art scratching with the hip-hop DJ’s bedrock of cutting, mixing, and beat juggling. The group play live often, and have performed in clubs, exhibitions, and competitions on four continents.
~ Sean Cooper, Rovi


Anthony Williams (May 17, 1972 – September 19, 2009), better known as Roc Raida or Grandmaster Roc Raida, was an American DJ, turntablist and producer. He was also a member of the legendary DJ group, The X-Ecutioners.Here…

MC World 1995 DJ Roc Raida (USA) R.I.P.

Roc Raida performs and honors Jam Master Jay

Roc Raida performs and honors Jam Master Jay at Milestones

Rest In Power Roc Roc Raida & JMJ !!!!!!!

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