New Music Of The Day: (5/23) Alex Boyd – Light Up Tonight, Nikki Jean – Pennies In A Jar, Moonface – Fast Peter, Laws – Momma Miss America & Dear Boy, Sepultura – Kairos, Killah Priest – L-Theanine (Plus The Official Video), Wildcookie – Serious Drug (Bonus: Heroine Video)

I’m loving this track.New Alex Boyd from his up and coming album.Recently signed to RCA/JIVE records, we can expect a freshman release from Alex Boyd in 2011.
Alex Boyd – Light Up Tonight

Great voice and a nice throwback melody.I’m really feeling Nikki Jean so far.Her debut Pennies In A Jar will drop on July 12th. Included on the album will be a collabo between Nikki, Lupe and Black Thought titled ‘Million Star Motel.’ .This is the first single from the album.And is produced by Burt Bacharach.
Nikki Jean – Pennies In A Jar

Spencer Krug is prepping his second solo record as Moonface which is Organ Music not Vibraphone like I’d Hoped. In the album’s press release, Krug writes that vibraphone and percussion just “… wasn’t happening. I don’t know why. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.” Then Krug hoped to make a lush organ album of sparse, droning chords. That didn’t work either:
Moonface – Fast Peter

I found the organ, bought it up, plugged it into big whirling speakers and powerful amplifiers, and got down to making some lush drones. But the lush drones did not come. You see, I have a little dude who lives inside me that loves pop music, and he sometimes finds his way into my hands. When this happens, my fingers move toward the catchiest melodies they can, like bees to flowers with the most pollen. It can’t be helped. The little pop-dude inside me turns a few notes into a melody and I say, ‘Okay, that’s nice little dude, a little poppy maybe, but nice, maybe we can use that once, somewhere in the song.’ And he says, ‘But wouldn’t you rather hear it over and over again? Maybe throw it in a few times now, and then a few times again towards the end of the song? And maybe that ‘drone’ in your left hand would sound better if you moved it up and down the keyboard a little bit.’ But then I say, ‘Come on little dude, I’m no fool, that’s just a chord progression you’re trying to get out of me. Next thing you know we’ll be repeating it over and over again, the melody will be a hook, and I’ll have made another random half-pop song.’ And then the little dude says, ‘WTF, man.’ And then I say, ‘Okay little dude, okay, party on.’
-Spencer Krug-

Organ Music not Vibraphone like I’d Hoped is out 8/2 via Jagjaguwar.

2 New joints by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League recording artist Laws.Both off the mixtape Yesterday’s Future Mixtape with Don Cannon & Mick Boogie, dropping soon.
Laws – Momma Miss America

Laws – Dear Boy

Not really my kind of music but I always liked Sepultura’s music.This is pretty good although it would of been nice if it had a better pattern of drumming.
Single from SEPULTURA’s new album KAIROS Release date: Jun 24, 2011

Sepultura – Kairos

Off Priest’s new album entitled P.W.O.W.R. [The Psychic World of Walter Reed] Coming Soon
Killah Priest – L-Theanine

Killah Priest – L-Theanine | OFFICIAL VIDEO


P.W.O.W.R. [The Psychic World of Walter Reed]

Mupalia Pictures
Actress: Krystal Arguello
Producer: Bryan Blanco
Director: Alexander Jaramillo
Art Director: Giancarlo Loffredo
Director of Photography: Joaquin Escobar
AC: Anthony Fleites
Grip: Mark Von Der Osten
Camera Operator: Enrique Fernandez

Props to SoulBounce for this.One of the best new groups I’ve been put onto lately.Wildcookie’s Cookie Dough LP came out in Feb 2011 and is well worth the purchase.The band consists of producer Freddie Cruger and vocalist Anthony Mills.This track is not on thew album.
Wildcookie – Serious Drug


WildCookie – Heroine

First video from Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills music collaboration “Wildcookie” Video released in 09

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