Mixtape: Herbie Hancock by DJ Flash Gordon Parks (Featuring Such Classics As: Magic Number, Stars In Your Eyes, Speak Like A Child, Knee Deep, & Many More (Free Download)

There’s so much to say about the genius that is Herbie Hancock. An incredible musician whose played with everyone hose mattered in music. Whether it be classic jazz standards, funk-rock fusion, or the melding of cultures of AFRICAN and Latin grooves, Herbie has been progressing the artform forward. Much respected in the Hip Hop community for embracing the sounds of the Bronx when others thought it was just a fad shows how much of a visionary Hancock truly is. DJ Flash Gordon Parkspulls out some of his favorite Herbie Hancock moments to share with us. Enjoy!
-DJ Flash Gordon Parks-

Herbie Hancock by DJ Flash Gordon Parks

Herbie Hancock by DJ Flash Gordon Parks

1. Spiraling Prism
2. Magic Number
3. Sunlight
4. Hang Up Your Hang Ups
5. Sly
6. Do A Thing
7. Spank-a-lee
8. The Trailor
9. Knee Deep
10. Stars In Your Eyes
11. Satisfied With Love
12. Give It All Your Heart
13. Making Love
14. Gentle Thoughts
15. Speak Like A Child
16. No Means Yes

Download Here…

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