New Music Of The Day: (5/20) (Part 1) Stephen Marley – Made In Africa Featuring Wale & The Cast of Fela, Blitz The Ambassador – Accra City Blues, Killer Mike – Thats Life Part 2, Mr. J. Medeiros – Neon Signs Featuring Stro, Erin Christie – Crazy, Miles Bonny – Nuthin But Chu, & Cormega – I Made A Difference Feat General Steele, Redman, Lil Fame, Stic man and Maya Azucena

75% of my life being drama and busy filled has kept me from posting any new music (or anything really) for the last week or so.The other 25% I admit to just plain old slacking.But here I am with part 1 (will be back with part 2 pronto) of some new stuff I’m diggingon as of late.So with out any delay….Boooom

New track off Stephen Marley’s Revelation Part 1: The Roots of Life dropping May 23rd.Grammy winning producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Stephen drops a jewel here.No offense to Wale I just wish he would of got that guy Damian works with to of blessed this track instead.Never the less great song.
Stephen Marley – Made In Africa Featuring Wale & The Cast of Fela

Here is the info that came with the track……….

“Scholars and scientists now conceive that Africa is the birthplace of mankind. Africans were the first builders of civilization; they discovered mathematics, invented writing, developed sciences, engineering, medicine, religion, fine art and built the Great Pyramids, an architectural achievement which still baffles modern minds.”

My favorite cut off Ghanaian Mc Blitz The Ambassador’s recently released banger entitled Native Sun.Beautiful song off a great album.
Blitz The Ambassador – Accra City Blues

New joint from Killer Mike aka “Mike Bigga” off his just released album entitled The PL3DGE.This album was nice.But personally I can’t wait for Mike and El-P’s collaborate album that’s dropping hopefully soon.
Killer Mike – Thats Life Part 2

Mr. J. Medeiros’ new single “Neon Signs” – feat Stro. Off the album Saudade The official release date is May 17th.

Erin Christie – Crazy
Beautiful girl and a beautiful song.Off Erin Christie’s album Green Lights.dropping soon.Written By Tiffany Starr,Produced by Erin Christine,Co Produced by Koolade, Elise “Miss T” Schutte, Jay Omen Browm, and Mixed by Elise “Miss T” Schutte

Miles Bonny – Nuthin But Chu

Produced by Justin Krecker. Taken from the upcoming full length album “Lumberjack Soul” (Jun 24). Download the track here:
Lumberjack Soul is the first album by alternative soul singer Miles Bonny from Kansas City. Produced by DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Hulk Hodn, Twit One, 74 Miles Away, Kova, Nicolas Kopernicus i.e. Guest appearances by AHU and Fleur Earth. Miles Bonny has been dubbed “the missing link between D’Angelo and Willie Nelson”. We call him “the Voice of MPM”.“Lumberjack Soul” features some of Miles’ biggest successes (the Raphael Saadiq tribute EP “Instant Saadiq” with DJ Day, “J.Birly” by Miles & The Ins, his kollabos with Suff Daddy and TE1 …) plus five brand-new songs.
Includes cover versions of songs by The Meters (“Handclapping Song”), Raphael Saadiq (“Still Ray” + “What’s Life Like”), Jerry Butler (“J.Birly” as used by Dilla on “Donuts”) and Kermit the frog (“A Song From Kermit” from Sesame Street).

New Cormega single for his up and coming album Cormega Raw Forever .With music played by Revelations and Jazimoto and featuring the all star lineup listed above.The song is available on iTunes now with all profits going to the Haitian relief organization
Cormega – I Made A Difference Feat General Steele, Redman, Lil Fame, Stic man and Maya Azucena

I am proud of the song but also want to thank everyone in the background who helped me finish the song Chevon ,MMRick ,JRonin ,Bro, and thanks to those who are willing to help get the message out Bernice Victor, JKL Productions, Icedotcom, Krook, and theres a new site called thats not even launched but have been following what we are trying to achieve also Mikey T. Also shout out to Papa Jube, Parrish and everyone that is trying to help rebuild Haiti

Cormega Previews new single “I Made a Difference” @Realcormega

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