Album Of The Day: Ohene – Inner City Soul Resurrection (Free Download)

Rereleased for the fifth anniversary of Ohene’s most critically acclaimed album, Inner City Resurrection includes all the original favorites and four bonus, never before released songs.

Ohene’s spiritually and politically themed sophomore album finds lyricist/keyboardist for the first time self-producing the majority of his tracks. Addressing the cross-sectionality of Christianity and life, love and politics, the Rapademics famed emcee takes listeners on an introspective journey from the chapel to the ghetto to the White House. Standout tracks “They Killed Jesus,” “Say A Prayer,” and “Hello Stranger” (featuring gospel songstress Sheda B.) calls upon America to examine the relationship between its citizens and its governing institutions, be they church, school, or government.

“To me, these songs represent that soulful essence of Black music that contemporary hip-hop has been lacking. As of late, society has treated music as merely a commodity, something to be bought and sold. This album transcends hit-making; it returns to music as art.

This is a blue album. Though I must confess a bit of difficulty in explaining why, when I reflect on this album as a whole, I am reminded of the color blue.

I would like to thank the RAHM Nation squad, especially DN3, Trav & Nesheda for contributing to this album. Marcus Throwdown, you were a big part of Inner City Soul coming together. Love & respect to Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Lauryn Hill and countless others too numerous to list who all laid the foundation upon which I stand and inspired me to make an album that feels the way this album feels. So much of what we do in life is external, but what I find exceptionally valuable, and what I tried to recreate here, is that which goes deeper and is everlasting, something you can feel on the inside. Peace. To continue this conversation, add me on facebook: ” – Ohene

Written, producer, and performed by Ohene except where noted; Executive Produced by Mr. Throwdown; cover art by Everett Turner

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