Video: Video Music Box #18 (Mothers Day Edition)

The 18th installment of music related videos I find entertaining.With no said date.Meaning it could of came out today or 20 years ago.Last time around was a double dose of NYC’s own Carol C Of Si*Sé, Juca & DJ extraordinaire.

This time…….. I hit you with a Mothers day edition.This goes out to all the Mothers,Big Mommas,and anyone including some strong men filling that position.You guys are the earth and are beyond loved.So Happy Mothers day 🙂 Have a wonderful day you Mothers deserve it and Mothers Day should be an official holiday everyday.


Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama Live

Kanye West – Hey Mama (Live Grammys 2008)

kanYe West with a beautiful performance of ‘Hey Mama’ at the Grammy awards shortly after the passing of his mother.

Beanie Sigel – Mom Praying Featuring Scarface

Both mom and grandma receive a lifetime achievement award from Beanie Sigel and Scarface in this epic mother appreciation song. The heart-tugging strings, courtesy of Just Blaze, complement the emotional tales.

2Pac – Dear Mama

Pink Floyd – Mother

Pink Floyd song “Mother” set to nuclear destruction. Hope you enjoy this, it took me 2 days to gather all the footage. The movie includes clips from the movie:
“Trinity And Beyond” Directed By Peter Kuran

Saigon – If my mommy

John Lennon Live @ Madison Square Garden – Mother

Sean Lennon – Julia (Beatles cover) Live

Great song John Lennon wrote about his mother performed by his son Sean(who dedicated it to his mom Yoko).So basically Sean is singing about his grandmother.

Jay-Z feat. Maxwell – Momma Loves Me (This Lifetime Remix) (Urban Noize Remix)

Another good track from the “Blueprint.” This time, Jay is on with “Momma Loves Me.”But remixed by Urban Noize with a ill Maxwell blend.Good shit right here.Big up Urban Noize

Ozzy-Mama I’m Coming Home #2(not U.S. version)

Great song that always remioneded me of the the time I did a little jail time and came home finally from the goverments chains.This music video to one of Ozzy’s highest charting singles…Mama I’m Coming Home from 91’s No More Tears album…this is not the video released in the U.S. for the song…there are 3 videos to this song in all

Brand Nubian – Momma

Lord Jamar, Sadat X, and Grand Puba (of Brand Nubian) take time off their busy schedule to thank their moms for all the whooping they endured in their early days. (“You might not like it now, but you’ll thank me someday.”) I guess momma was right after all.

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