Video Of The Day: Dead Prez – Propaganda (Fan Made) (Love Him Or Hate Him Rest In Hell Or Peace C.I.A. Operative Osama bin Laden March 10, 1957 – May 2, 2011)

No disrespect to those lost in 9/11.I lost people tooo.And am saddened every wakened moment by the attack.I just believe Osama was not responsible.And like this video demonstrates its Propaganda caused by The One World Government that uses our human lives like cheap products sold at WalMart.

Dead Prez – Propaganda (Fan Made)

Uploaded by chatoXvato on Aug 14, 2006
*This is not the Offical Video*
This is not meant to change your views,only give you a dose of reality. America is not the first to do this by the way.

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