Album Of The Day: Lenny Harold – The Journal of Wonders (Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth) (2011) (Free Download Or Name Your Own Price)

R&B singer Lenny Harold, formerly known as Chanj, releases the free album ‘The Journal of Wonders (Tale of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth).’ The 14 original songs are from his previous record deal with Alistair Records with production by Cass Maya; collaborations with Taylor Ryan and Solomon Cortes of WMC Productions; and the support of renowned musicians/writers responsible for some of the greatest hits in mainstream music history.

Lenny Harold – The Journal of Wonders (Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth)

Hey guys we are giving this album away for free because we want to share this sound with the world. You can get yours for free by clicking on the BUY NOW button and then putting in 0 as the price you are naming.While it is available for free please keep in mind that you DO have the option of contributing as much or as little to the project as you deem fit. This album is very musical and is a labor of love that took the help of over seven writers, three producers, ten musicians, 5 vocalists, several mixing engineers, and a couple of mastering engineers to complete this work of art. This together would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to do.We are still giving these shared efforts away for free with the hopes that if you enjoy and appreciate this project and are a supporter of the independent artists movement that you will upon download or after listening donate $5, $10, $12, $20, $50, or $100 to this project (if you can). That, we would really love and appreciate.But if you are a starving artist yourself or are financially unstable then we totally understand and want you to share in this music just the same.
-Lenny Harold-

Released 22 March 2011
Executive Produced by Cass Maya
BlackBelt Music Group
Marketing & Branding by Forrest Renaissance
WMC/AM Studios
Recorded at AM Studios
Mixed by Yaron Aldema at AM Studios
Mastered by Mark B. Christensen
Assisted by Raphael Fiorda
at Engine Room Audio, NYC

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