New Music Of The Day (5/5/11 Part 1) : Featuring: Bilal – Robots Featuring Blu (Remy LBO Remix), Solange-Left-Side-Drive, DJ-JS1 – Boom Slap Featuring KRS-ONE and Rahzel, Joell Ortiz – Big Pun Is Back, rown Bag AllStars – In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix), Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce 5’9) – Evil Fast Lane, Danny I – Hailing Tafari, Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic) – Plagues and Bacon, & Toki Wright – Crusades)

Here is part 1 of the new tracks (just happened to be mostly Hip Hop) I have on the computer that added up all week since I was locked up.I didn’t want to put them all in one post and kill the page bandwidth so here area couple treats to hold you over till I post part 2 of today new music later.Thank you and enjoy

Easily one of the baddest ass tracks on Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge LP that dropped last year “Robots” And this remix is hot in my opinion.Remy LBO did his thing on the remix.And Blue is always great to hear spitting.This is off the 7-track Robots Remix EP, that just dropped.Which so far all the remixes done have brought a whole new breath of air to an already dope track.And this is no exception
Bilal – Robots Featuring Blu (Remy LBO Remix)

Courtesy of my dudes over at the awesome site Soulbonce.Beyonces more conscious and cuter eclectic sister Solange does a cover of one of my favorite Boards Of Canada instrumentals but she adds her own twist with her own lyrics..I know a lot of people talk shit about her.But I give her respect for doing her own thing and being as they said in the 90’s very fly about it.I got nothing but love fore her 🙂

Here is more info courtesy of those same dudes at Soul Culture

Solange has been working on a follow up to 2008’s SoL-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams. After reinventing herself on that album, it sounds as if she’s turning another corner on “Left Side Drive,” a song she recently posted on SoundCloud and announced via Twitter. Recorded a few years ago, Solange smoothly added lyrics on top of Boards of Canada’s original instrumental of the same name. Solange previously worked with BOC on her debut album on the track “This Bird” (a song she also wrote), which is probably why this sounds like such a natural and familiar collaboration. Flipping what is apparently somewhat of an acid-trip anthem, she makes it a soft, conscious, and spirited song.

My man DJ JS-1 from the Rocksteady Crew (And one of my favorite DJ’s) hit me off with this via Twitter before I did my week long bid 😦 Alls I can say is I’m loving this.Its always nice to hear some new Rahzel.And the great thing KRS actually comes off on this too.No disrespect to KRS but in my eyes he can be lackluster since the late 90’s whn he was one of the greats.But Kris does his thing too.This is def for the B Boys.
DJ-JS1 – Boom Slap Featuring KRS-ONE and Rahzel

The Rocksteady memeber had this to say about this track….
“If you’re fed up with producers who make “fake J Dilla beats” and “pop-star radio DJs” like DJ JS-1 is, the best thing to do is slap them across the face with some real boom bap sounds. So that’s exactly what the Queens, New York DJ did with his new single, “Boom Slap,” and who better to amp up the slap than two of the kings of boom bap, KRS-One and Rahzel. The respective visionaries of rapping and beat boxing join their friend JS-1 on the first leak from No One Cares, which will be released on June 21st via Fat Beats Records. “My biggest selling single to date was my first single, ‘Essentials,’ which featured KRS & Rahzel,” says JS-1. “That was on my first album, Ground Original 1 in 2002. With this album being Ground Original 3 and the final installment of that series, I wanted to close out with a KRS & Rahzel track.”

Since his start in the early 90’s, DJ JS-1 has witnessed hip-hop evolve over the years, and “Boom Slap” explains exactly how he feels about hip-hop in 2011. “I’m all about boom bap, regardless of how some of these new-jacks feel,” explains the DJ/producer. “There are tons of people making pretty music, and that’s nice for an R&B group, but we make that boom bap that slaps you when you hear it.” This song does just that, as JS-1’s hard-hitting beat serves as the foundation for Rahzel’s background vocals and patented vocal scratches, while KRS verbally assaults the beat with his unmistakable flow. “The style of hip hop we create is not going anywhere,” says JS-1. “People can say what they want – make what they want – but this style will always be here. Forever, and ever, we will be here forever…”
-DJ JS-1 –

DJ JS-1’s No One Cares will be available for purchase on June 21st on Fat Beats Records

Yaowa!!!!!!!!!!!! My man Joell Ortiz from Cooper PJ’s in BK cooks up heat over a in my opinion a lackluster joint Tupacs Back from Rick Ross and his people,Instead though he pays tribute to fellow Boricua, fellow NY spitter, and one of the best to ever do it Big “Motherfucking” Pun.RIP Punisher !
Joell Ortiz – Big Pun is Back


The Brown Bag AllStars’ “Brown Bag Season Vol. 1” Double-CD project drops 5.17. The 2nd disc consists of all remixes by Juno Award Winning producer / Canadian DMC Champion, DJ Brace. Last week the track “Crumbling Down” leaked ( which I posted here on my blog) produced by Mr. Green (which was produced and mc’d nicely), off the first disc of the project, this week we bring you a treat from disc 2

Brown Bag AllStars – In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)

Shoutout to The Brown Bag Allstars.

After talking about dropping The Bad Meets Evil Lp or Ep this month Royce and Em waste no time and BAM drop this heat rock.I gotta say they leaked a few tracks together over the last year and I wasn’t feeling any of the them.Which is sad cause I loved these two guys together.Royce is a beast when he focuses off the rapppity rap gun talk.When they stopped making joints a few years ago I was saddened.And then when I heard the leaks I thought the magic was gone.This track that got me curious again(No Mister Cee lol) Good luck to the both of them on the Ep Or Lp.I can’t wait to hear it if this is any interaction.Peace to The D.
Bad Meets Evil – Fast Lane

Lord Have Mercy,Shabba.New track from Reggae Artist Danny I’s new album that just dropped called.To Your Majesty.I’m digging dude.Hes like a more mellow/less political Peter Tosh.Very mellow and positive music.Big ups to Danny.Jah Rastafari my friend.
Danny – I – Hailing Tafari

You can preview Danny I’s new album To Your Majesty and also but it Here….

Another nice refreshing track From Hail Mary Mallon’s debut Rhymesayers album Are You Gonna Eat That? Featuring Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz.Album drops 5/3/11 digitally and 6/7/11 physically.
Pre-order the album from Fifth Element now: and on iTunes:
Hail Mary Mallon – Plagues and Bacon

Toki Wright – Crusades (from the Peace,War,Love, and Hate Mixtape)
Here is the first single off Toki’s Rhymesayers project Peace-War-Love-Hate Mixtape that drops on July 12th.He did his thing on this.

You can cop the Mixtape on his bandcamp page Here…. On July 12th

Shoutout Justice, Meka, and Shake for a few of these cuts.

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