May 5th 2011: I’m Back My Ninjas From A Week Long Hiatus After Being Mannapped By The State (My Bad And Apologies To My Loyal Readers Looking For Updates & Entertainment)

(Keep your eyes out for new posts all day today and tomorrow, I got some good posts) I’m Back From A Short Hiatus after a week (luckily). I haven’t been able to post anything at all cause I was confined to a small cell all week without a 10 percent bail 😦 I’m gonna be real with this.I suffered a mishap a week ago.Over the years I had done a lot of dumb shit that affected my health and sadly my legal situations in life. I accounted for my legal situations by doing bids here and their that I was guilty of over the course of my life, 2 years ago.I mostly cleared it all up.Except for an old fine I got caught with last week from yrs ago f I forgot about and never payed.I’m a dumb ass when it comes to that stuff (I’m still working harder then ever on it though).Believe me I changed dramatically from how I use to be.I was like a BUM/Unemployed crappy version of a thug lol.

I still have a long way to go though.Even though I feel more righteous in a way then I ever did.Perhaps maybe a little bit more aged and experience even though I have to still work on some maturity issues and get better responsible wise..But when I got a health issue over a year ago (that I caused my self) that I am still working on it (it has gotten a lot better and hopefully wont be a problem a in a year anymore)it opened my eyes to the fact hat I actually card if I died or not.It was like the scene in Menace To Scoiety ,I had that dudes Grandpa in my head saying “Do you even care if you live or die”? Well I really do old Compton ass dude lol.Especially because I didn’t nor do I want to be the one that actually kills myself over dumb shit like a bad liver or kidney which I did to myself. It made realize the error in a lot of my ways.And I did great for a awhile mentally.I started slipping though.Luckily I am working on it mentally though.

Long story short though like I said I got picked up on a warrant last week and ended up doing a week in County.Which was probably the longest stretch mentally I ever did in my life.Even though I have done longer bids throughout my life.It just hit me harder this time cause for once in my life I’m trying to really do the right thing.
And I’m at that age where even though Jail is always boring I didn’t fit in with the wild ass young bucks anymore nor do I fit in with the old heads.So it was even more boring then ever.I was ashamed and felt like a bigger loser then I have in a long time.

(Johnny Cash – Folsom County Blues)

Luckily I never got a state number though.Don’t worry I never did anything crazy or sick to people.I just got caught up with drinking and and substances in general.Never got hardcore with drugs that bad.I became a hard ass alcoholic. though which caused hell in a lot of ways by having a shit load of dumb charges and fines add up.I won’t even get in to the other ways I hurt my life and people around me..But I am a work in progress and trying to maintain the righteous ways I have instead of the loser one I do lol.Its like Jekyll and Hyde.I will have Jekyll prevail though.

Any mother fucking whoooooooooo.Enough of my mangina monologue.I’m happy to be back.And I felt like I needed to explain why out of nowhere I haven’t been posting for those that asked me.And for those that did thanks for reading my blog.I’m pretty happy that after only 3 months people I don’t even know wondered what happened lol.I guess they were missing the goodies.

I’m trying to do catch up after a week of missing with a bunch posts today ( I got goodies).I got a lot of great stuff to post today.So keep an eye out all day today and tomorrow.I’ll be off and on posting some great music and interesting stuff.

Peace to the heads doing big numbers that are their unjustifiably like the small time weed dealers,people just trying to feed their families from non violent crimes, and heads that killed baby touchers.Hold your head up.

(2Pac – Hold Ya Head)

And this Black Sheep track down below goes out to to the retarded ignorant scumbags in their including a lot of the Corrections Officers,Snitches,Tree Jumpers,etc…Fuck you scumbags lol.

Also dedicated to the cops that actually picked me up on the old warrant.And in a way dedicated to myself for not taking care of the warrant earlier lol 😦

Black Sheep – For Doz That Slept

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