Album Of The Day: Brooklyns Own Fresh Daily – The Quiet Life (Featuring: A Slew Of Other Talented Artists) (2011) (Free Download)

“This project has a mature quality and sound. It feels celebratory and accomplished in a very laid back, effortless way. That’s a direct result of stopping and appreciating the finer aspects of my everyday life.”
-Fresh Daily-

Released 03 May 2011

Production by Shuko & Fonty, Theory Hazit, MNDSGN, Hi-Res, Lyle Horowitz, Thelonius 1-Up, The Stuyvesants, Jinesis, Deaf In The Family.

Guest Features Cocoa Sarai, ScienZe, Chris Faust & Suede Jury

All songs mixed and mastered by Alejandro “Sosa” Tello for Ampliphonic Studio.

Good music, dope flows, fresh tees and kicks define the personal style of Brooklyn native Fresh Daily, a rising lyricist who is taking an impressive multifaceted approach to Hip Hop. As an emcee, graphic designer, this artist’s persona and prowess make it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title of himself as “the New Jack of Brooklyn boom bap”. Fresh got his start under the alias Ill Tarzan, a name he was forced to drop due to legal issues with the family of the Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Instead of allowing to be a roadblock, Fresh Daily decided his time was better spent on music and that change is sometimes necessary. This is also a sign of his growing popularity. He changed his name to Fresh Daily due to his collection of Nike sneakers, distinct taste in NYC fashion, and affinity for highly stylized, braggadocios lyrics. “It pained me to lose 7 years of garnishing a fan base as ill Tarzan but maybe it was time for a change anyway. Plus, Fresh Daily just fits me right, I stay Fresh All day, every day, with the rhymes, with the style”.

Regardless of what you stumble upon regarding this emcee, whether it be modeling for several streetwear brands (Live Mechanics, Leroy Jenkins, Methods NYC, IHMDJ, Brooklyn Surfer) or having his paintings in galleries, expect slick wordplay and real versatility when delivering over a variety of production. His overall style and flare will definitely keep you coming back for more. Fresh Daily has performed along side some of Hip-Hop music’s highly regarded artists like Jean Grae, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Smif-N-Wessun, Dj Evil Dee and others. He has released numerous self-financed projects over the course of seven years as a musician, which collectively moved over 10,000 units. He has also performed in various venues in the U.S, to support those efforts.

PS Yous till owe me a throw up when u were Tarzan lol

Peace to Fresh.I wish you the best little homie 🙂

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