Album Of The Day: Amanda Diva – Madame Monochrome FreEp (Featuring: Ski Beatz, James Poyser, Droop E, Cook Classics And More (2011) (Free Download Or Name Your Own Price)

She kind get kind of annoying in interviews on a cheese level (in person too less but still ,i met her).But she really is cool when you get past that.And she makes good music from her heart which I repsct.And I think it translated into most of her music..Plus shes juts a cool beautiful woman.I give her respect for going on out the box in her music.I been replaying this.The track Manchild is tee shit.Keep doing your thing Amanda, I love you baby :0

After a two-year hiatus from music, on April 27th Amanda Diva is set to release the “Madame Monochrome” FreEp on
Somehow between being a music expert and comedian for VH1, DJaying, preparing for her next art exhibit, hosting “Speaking Of…” on Music Choice, developing a TV show based on her comedy produced by Nick Cannon, and speaking at colleges across the nation, Deev found time to get in the studio work and with Ski Beatz, James Poyser, Droop E, Cook Classics and more to make some bottom line, dopeness. Though she was busy with other projects, it was her frustration with America’s obsession with image over artistry and money over musicality that made her decide to put music to the side. But a recent trip to Europe to perform in Berlin and Paris showed her that there is still a world that appreciates true artistry! Renewed, she came back to the states, got back on the mic, and found her way to “Madame Monochrome”

Staying true to form, she fluidly melds melody with flow and soul with the boom bap musically giving audiences an authentic look in to her mind and heart. However, the title is exactly what she is not. As she makes clear in the intro, a multifaceted artist she has refused to let the industry box her in to being a “mono” anything. With “MM” she shows that practice does make prowess, each record displaying more evidence of an artist who has finally found her musical voice. The first single/video, “Manchild” (produced by Ski Beatz} has garnered worldwide support and praise even securing a position as an Itunes featured video of the month in December, all of this with no label and no management. A fully independent artist now nestled comfortably in her own brand of hip hop soul, Amanda Diva, the “Renaissance girl next door” still has more melodies to make.

1. Madame M. Intro/BDK
2. Brand New/BlacSoap
3. Manchild/Ski Beatz
4. Babies/Droop E
5. I Can See/Ruby Hornet
6. Little Things Remix/Asahi Suzuki
7. Trendsetters/BlacSoap
8. Right Now/Cook Classics
9. Catch Me/James Poyser
10. We Are Outro/Haydn

Released 27 April 2011

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