New Music Of The Day: Junk Science & Scott Thorough – You Could Have That Featuring Homeboy Sandman, Chris Turner – Feeding Off the Land (Stevie Wonder Cover), Lyle Horowitz – By The Block Featuring Elucid, Blood Orange – Dinner, Mya – Evolve, The Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack, & Moka Only – The Sun Come Up Featuring Bootie Brown)

New Junk Science featuring one of my favorite dudes doing it right now Homeboy Sandman.
Junk Science & Scott Thorough – You Could Have That Featuring Homeboy Sandman

“Me and Snafu met Homeboy Sandman when we were all guests on Billy Jam’s show on WFMU last Spring. I had baked cupcakes to bring to the radio station because I heard there were going to be a lot of rappers there and I thought it would be funny to do something so un-hip-hop, cause rappers are always mean to each other unnecessarily. So I was going to come through like, ‘hey guys, I baked cupcakes for everybody.’ Anyway, while we were up there, Billy played ‘Mean Mug’ from Homeboy Sandman’s album and I was like ‘Oh, he’s on that shit too.’ We ended up going to his album release party and he came to ours, and so when Snafu and Scott started making the beats for ‘Phoenix Down’ we immediately thought of getting Boy Sand on the album. Sometime over the summer we got up and recorded this one.”
– Mike Of Junk Science-

Junk Science & Scott Thorough’s Phoenix Down EP will be out May 31st via Modem Shark

New song Dinner by Blood Orange.Dinner” b/w “Bad Girls” is being released 4/26 via Both songs were produced by Terrible honcho, Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. The Domino full-length was recorded in L.A. with Ariel Reichstaid (Cass McCombs/Glasser).The Song courtesy of my peoples over at stereogum
Blood Orange – Dinner

New joint by Chris Turner,who covers one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs Feeding Off The Land.
Chris Turner – Feeding Off the Land (Stevie Wonder Cover)

“Today we celebrate the Earth. For being our strength. For being a universal symbol of love, respect and tolerance. For being our Mother. Sir Stevie shines awareness and appreciation for the all things living in “Feeding Off The Land”. I’m Inspired to learn more, do more, and appreciate more of God’s creations. Here is my version of the song, in honor of Earth Day” -LOVEchild

released 22 April 2011
written by Stevie Wonder
Recorded by Chris Turner
guitar by Rene Del Fiero
Mixed and Mastered by Nino Moschella

Crazy joint from Brooklyn’s own Elucid Of The Lessondary.It is off of this cat I’m not familiar with Lyle Horowitz’s Free Album entitled Auteur: Director’s Cut.
Lyle Horowitz – By The Block Featuring Elucid

“Auteur the french word for “author” and a theory in film criticism which holds that a director’s films reflect the director’s personal creative vision. In spite of – and sometimes even because of – the films in question being made as part of an industrial process, the author’s creative voice is distinctive enough to shine through all kinds of studio interference. As a filmmaker, this is my goal. As a musician, I hope to do the same.”
-Lyle Horowitz-

Check out Lyle Horowitz entire project/album for free at his bandcamp page

New track from the latest album from Mya’s that was released in Japan only entitled K.I.S.S (Keep It Sexy And Simple).And that her fine ass does indeed. The song is alright and pretty simple but it lacks in comparison to her album cover 🙂 I kind of dig the songs but after hearing the entire album I’m saddened that the disasters aren’t ending in Japan 😦 Just kidding. I still have mad love for Mya though.I think she gets a bad rep.She needs to link up with more soulful producers that can bring out al ot better out from her though.She can’t continue at this pace in my opinion, and be even a little bit relevant.Like Sunny said in the Bronx Tale “Theirs Nothing Sadder In Life Then Wasted Talent. Peace to @MISSMYA
Mya – Evolve

One of the songs I think that simply rocks off The Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Dropping May 3rd.You can stream the entire album over at The Beastie’s Sound Cloud page right <a href="Here…
“>Here… Hot Sauce Committee Part Two was produced by Beastie Boys and mixed by Philippe Zdar. This album marks Mike “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “Ad Rock” Horovitz and Adam “MCA” Yauch’s first full length effort since 2007’s Grammy-winning all-instrumental The Mix-Up.
The Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack

New joint from Moka Only, The Sun Come Up Featuring Bootie Brown. Off of Moka’s new LP Airport 5.You can cop that Here…

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