Video: Bronx New York Graffiti Legend Cope2 Featured On KARMALOOPTV & Vimby Art

Fernando Carlo (also known as Cope2) is a graffiti artist from the South Bronx, New York. He has been writing graffiti since 1978-79, and has gained international credit for his work. Though he is now known worldwide, he didn’t receive recognition in the mainstream graffiti world until the mid-1990s.

Cope2’s cousin “Chico 80” influenced Cope into writing. In 1982 he made his own crew called Kids Destroy and eventually it changed to Kings Destroy after he dubbed himself “King of the 4 Line”. Cope2 is well-known for his “throw-up” and is also one of the most known users of “wildstyle” graffiti, a style which originated in the Bronx. Read More Here…


Uploaded by skeetv on Mar 4, 2011.KARMALOOPTV meets up with Bronx graffiti legend to talk about about how Cope2 came about, check out some of his skills and talk graffiti beef.


Cope2 VIMBY Art

Bronx native Cope2 explains how graffiti saved his life, and its place in New York City transit history.

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