Video: Nas and Damien Marley (The Distant Relatives) Live At Coachella Music Festival 4/16/2011 (Full Performance)

Nas and Damien Marley Live At Coachella Music Festival 2011

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I think I’m in love with the chick that looks like she was on the TV show 7th Heaven with the bunny ears 😦 I love Nas’s music and he is my favorite as far as mc’s in hip hop but he is a horrible live performer for the most part.He did step up for One Mic (crazy nice) but 😦 thank god for The Marley’s and the band.


As We Enter
Tribes At War
Nah Mean
Nas Is Like
If I Ruled The World
Made You Look
Welcome To Jamrock
Road To Zion
One Mic
Could This Be love (Bob Marley Cover)

Coachella 2011: Nas and Damien Marley make a smokin’ tag team
By Nate Jackson Of The LA Times

Commanding a sea of clenched fists, flailing rasta flags and plumes of pine-scented smoke, Nas and Damien Marley held a captive audience tightly in their grasp by the time sound check was over. But what songs to choose?True, sticking prized nuggets from their 2011 joint album (sorry, couldn’t help it) “Distant Relatives” would’ve been wise from a marketing perspective. But in the early stages of a blooming pink sunset, they determined that sticking to their respective hits was the strategy to bring the house down.

Nas was first to tag in with the spin-inhibiting Whodini sample of “Friends” at the heart of his hip-hop hit “If I Ruled the World.” In the hyper idealistic vibes of Coachella culture, the 1996 classic — sans Lauryn Hill, unfortunately — ignited a wave of chorus chanting and doobie passing. With the crowd hyped, Marley, son of reggae singer Bob Marley, was quick to tag in with the preeminent keyboard line of “Exodus.” The hip-swiveling audience worked nonstop as the pair traded shot for shot for most of the set. “Could You Be Loved,” Marley’s second, er, Marley cover was followed right up with Nas’ big beat rendition of “Made You Look.” ReadMore Here…

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4 Responses to Video: Nas and Damien Marley (The Distant Relatives) Live At Coachella Music Festival 4/16/2011 (Full Performance)

  1. arlen says:

    Your statement, “I love Nas’s music and he is my favorite as far as mc’s in hip hop but he is a horrible live performer for the most part” illustrates your journalistic incompetency. Nas is one of the greatest hip hop performers out there. You obviously have not seen many hip hop shows and definitely have never seen Nas perform anywhere besides Coachella. If had the least bit of knowledge about the subject matter you write about you would realize the Coachella sound was “horrible” and Nas’ microphone was simply not set up properly. Next time at least have someone tell you how to write an article before insulting one of the greatest rappers to ever grace your peasant ears.

    • I agree with you that Nas is one of the greatest performers.I’ll even go one step further and say that it extends beyond Hip Hop also.I think he is a well balanced artist and a great writer.And I do love Nas’s music.I just think he is horrible live.That is my opinion (remember they are like assholes everyone has one).And I have seen Nas perform a hand few of times over the years since he dropped Illmatic.I wasn’t impressed most of the times except maybe once.Plus I’ve seen recordings of him on the net and wasn’t impressed either except for a few times.I think your letting the fact that he makes good records influence your opinion on his live performances.And I’ve been too countless Hip Hop shows and promoted numerous ones in my day.Plus grew up around Rocksteady and in NYC(birth place Of Hip Hop). I recognize too when a sound system is in question for the most part.I know especially during shows that are more rock influenced they fuck up the sound levels horribly for Hip Hop acts because the levels need to be different.But you can’t deny that is a excuse a lot of motherfuckers use when it isn’t the case.But I agree you can factor that in minimally for his Coachella performance (even though I’ve watched 11 performances and they all sounded good).But why did Damian Marley sound good? It wasn’t the fact that the sound could of been better that much. Nas stumbled through his performance.You can tell he forgot lines. And I personally think he has a social anxiety that factors in too.And if Nas was the only one with a bunk Mic why didn’t he switch off with someone else? I think he came through fine to decent on the mic.I just think after almost 20 years of performing the guy should be better.I’m far from insulting the guy trust me.Rakim is one of my favorite Mc’s also but I think he sucks live too.Maybe you don’t know what good live music sounds like if you just seen Nas live.And I never claimed to be a journalist homepiss.Edward R. Murrow is a fucking journalist.I’m just a asshole with a blog.And blogs are just like assholes too.

      Thank you for visiting the site though.I appreciate your feedback and actually value your opinion.At the end of the day, remember I’m not posting anything I don’t like on here.I dug that performance and even though I felt like Nas could of done better I still enjoyed him.I thought Damian Marley was great with the band and the background singers too.When they did Could You Be Loved at the end that alone made it awesome in my book .Peace to you and your sissy pants though and thank you for your comment.

      Peace & Blessings

  2. Mel Rose says:

    “I think I’m in love with the chick that looks like she was on the TV show 7th Heaven with the bunny ears”…love you too man! xoxox That was the best show of my life!!!

    • Yea Jessica Biel is hot too.But If you watch the Nas performance in the very beginning it flashed to a chick in the audience who looks like her.And with thew bunny ears wow.I don’t think I’m made that super clear.Or maybe I did.I was inebriated when I posted that and maybe kind still am 😦 Thank you for checking out the site though.Peace my man

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