Video: Kanye West Live At Coachella Music Festival 4/17/2011 (Full Performance)

He absolutely killed it in my opinion.It made me gain a lot more respect for homepiss.As not only a live performer but as a total artist.I still mean what I mean in regards to what I wrote earlier down below though.

Kanye West Live At Coachella Music Festival 4/17/2011 (Entire Show)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Or you can download the entire show Here


H.A.M. (Intro)
Dark Fantasy (ft. Justin Vernon)
Jesus Walks
Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Hell of a Life
Monster (ft. Justin Vernon)
Flashing Lights
PYT Intro
Good Life
Sirius Intro
Love Lockdown
Say You Will
Swagger Like Us
Run This Town
We Will Rock You
Through The Wire
All Falls Down
Touch The Sky
Gold Digger
All of the Lights
Runaway (ft. Pusha T)
Lost in the World (ft. Justin Vernon)
Hey, Mama

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I think Kanye is a great live performer.I’m not even a huge fan.I think his rhymes are feminine though in a catty way and could of been written in Mr Cees car by Mr Cees tranny friends.Or a old yenta from Long Island could of did his ghost writing.I think his rhyme persona is pretty much what is wrong with people nowadays.I’m not trashing him I think his production is flawless and he is talented.He sold me back in the day with Get By by Talib Kweli.I just expect better lyrically from a suburban cat that was raised in the church and can craft heart felt songs about his mother and joints like The Coldest Winter.I think one day when he gets more knowledge of self like it seems is happening slowly he will be great.But you can’t have a positive without a negative.And when he does his thing he does his thing and when he doesnt I cringe.But I am a fan at the end of the day.Anywhoo I had to vent my mangina and to balance that out check for a few bone-us pics of Amber Rose with the Gay Fish himself after the LA times article about his Coachella performance.

Coachella 2011: Kanye West doesn’t play it safe as he closes the Indio fest
By Todd Martens Of The LA Times
Pop & Hiss
The L.A. Times music blog

Kanye West said little to the audience for much of his festival closing set. There were no grand guest stars that West brought to the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio. There was little in the way of special effects. Accompanying musicians were there, but they were off to the side. Arrogant, forthright and disarmingly open, West’s songs unfold like mini-monologues, and this was a high-concept concert as one-man-show.

As theater, West’s Coachella set veered toward tragedy, with a song cycle that began with the artist drunk with power, followed him through heartbreak and concluded with a eulogy. As entertainment, West’s set was captivating, a festival performance unlike any other, and one that often showcased the artist and the artist alone on a minimal stage. Though rumors of an all-star set were the talk of Coachella, any guests, be it Rihanna or Jay-Z, would have felt crowded in this set-up.Read More Here…

***Bone-us Bald headed Booty Pics (to balance out my earlier mangina rant)***

I just read Kanye got into beef with Wiz Khalifah over this chick after this great show.Don’t know whats the real deal but I read it at

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