FreEP: BamaLoveSoul.Com Presents The Street Lamp Sessions Vol. 1 (Featuring Remixes For Mos Def, Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Jaafar,& More) (2010)

BamaLoveSoul.Com is happy to present its first remix compilation, The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1: The Remixes! Some of your favorite tunes were remixed by carefully selected producers to give you a nocturnal emission of the sonic kind. The producers delivered, transforming tracks by Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Jaafar and more into tunes that must be added to your daily playlist. Get comfortable, plug in and be transported to cosmopolitan martini lounges, Jamaican dancehalls and everywhere in between. The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1: The Remixes, we’re proud to say, is your introduction to some of the best producers in Alabama. While you’re listening, make sure you also check out the crew’s latest look at the newly remodeled BamaLoveSoul.Com.

Released 22 April 2010
BamaLoveSoul.Com would like to thank some of Alabama’s best producers for participating in this project as well as the artists that inspired them. If you’re feeling their tracks please reach out to them! Special thanks to Jessica Latten for the photograph and Ron.One for the layout.

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