Video: Top 6 Epic Stage Falls From Your Favorite Performers Live (Bonus: Classic Stage Falls Featuring Drake, Musiq Soulchild, & Colombus Short Busting Their A*s)

Lady Gaga’s tumble during a Houston concert was a nasty one, but she’s definitely not alone.Steven Tyler’s wipeout during a 2009 performance caused Aerosmith to pull the plug on the rest of their summer tour , and a pregnant Alicia Keys struck fear in the hearts of her audience members at the 2010 Essence Music Festival when she stumbled on stage.

But then there are the live performance, on-stage spills that become YouTube gold. Here are six of our favorites – did we miss any of yours?

1. Beyonce goes for a dive in Orlando

Of course, no recount of infamous falls is complete without a mention of this diva dive. Beyonce was descending stairs during her concert in Orlando in 2007 when her heel got caught in her coat and she flew face-first onto the stage. She recovered quickly, going right into a headbang to shake it off. Despite jokingly asking the audience to not post the footage to YouTube, attendees did it anyway, and it’s been known as “the fall” ever since.

2. Christina Aguilera goes down at the Grammys

Christina Aguilera seemed to pour salt into a performance wound when she couldn’t stay upright at the Grammys this year. The week before, she’d been taken to task for botching the lyrics to the “Star-Spangled Banner,” and after performing a tribute to Aretha Franklin at the awards ceremony, the only thing anyone could remember about it is that Aguilera could be seen falling, even as the camera panned to the audience.

3. Jennifer Lopez’s “Louboutins” fail her

“Jenny from the Block” was ready to give a knockout performance at the 2009 “American Music Awards,” but after launching into a jump from the back of one of her dancers, Lopez found herself on her famous bottom instead of her feet.

4. Mariah Carey’s Singapore slip

Mariah Carey’s love of towering heels is well-known, but she had to reconsider her devotion during a 2010 performance in Singapore. After falling and quickly recovering, she called for an assistant to come and remove the perilous footwear before any more slip-ups.

5. Katy Perry kissed a cake; couldn’t get back up

We like to think of Katy Perry’s disastrous recovery after falling at the 2008 MTV Latin American Awards as a cautionary tale: Do not, we repeat, do not, fall into a cake while under bright, hot stage lights and wearing ballet shoes. It’ll end with you leaving the stage on your hands and knees.

6. Michelle of Destiny’s Child ‘Soldier’s’ on

Much like Beyonce’s Orlando fall, the tumble her former group mate Michelle Williams took when Destiny’s Child performed on BET in 2004 is just as memorable. The ladies strut out as their single “Soldier” cues up, and down goes Michelle. Neither Kelly Rowland nor Beyonce attempt to help, although they do pause just long enough to see Michelle hit the floor before moving right into their routine.

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Drake collapses on stage

Musiq Soulchild Falls Off Stage: “Anything” – Theater at MSG New York, NY 2/24/11

Colombus Short falls off stage

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