Elizabeth Taylor Bares All In Marriage Gift (Young Elizabeth Taylor Nude Photo By Roddy McDowall)

Its funny how chicks nowadays text a nude photo to a guy they just met a hour ago while Elizabeth Taylor went into a huge production to just show her husband a titty.Either Liz was real classy or women nowadays are more on the smut mentality.I wonder though if her husband died in the plane crash cause the captain was peeping this photo 😦 Anywhoo great photo.Very elegant.She was a beautiful women. (RIP)

The photo was taken by one of her closest friends, actor and photographer Roddy McDowall. Liz was 24-year-old when she did the photo. The beautiful actress appears kneeling down on a white fur rug sans knickers.
The photo was a present for her third husband, Hollywood producer Michael Todd. After Todd died during a plane crash in 1958 (13 months after marrying Liz), the actress gave the photo to her assistant and makeup artist Penny Taylor.
Private collector Jim Shaudis purchased the vintage nude in 1980 and has released now, after the actress’ death.

Spotted at gossip.whyfame.com On April 4th, 2011

I wonder how much Jim Shaudis’s nude loving ass shelled out in 1980 for the picture? And what better person to commemorate her in the buff then a man named Rod 😦

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