Big Pun’s Family And Supporters Held A Rally Saturday In The BX (Sign Petition To Rename 163rd St and Rogers Place In The Bronx To Big Pun Place)

Big Pun’s family and supporters held a rally Saturday in efforts to rename 163rd St and Rogers Place in The Bronx, Big Pun Place. Showyaskills was on the block and filmed commentary from Pun’s sister and Triple Seis. For those wanting to see a change, sign the petition here .
Spotted at rapradar
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Christopher Carlos Rios (November 10, 1971 – February 7, 2000), better known by his stage name Big Pun (short for Big Punisher), was a Puerto Rican rapper who emerged from the underground rap scene in The Bronx in the late 1990s. He first appeared on albums from The Beatnuts, on the track “Off the Books” in 1997, and on Fat Joe’s second album Jealous One’s Envy in 1995, on the track “Watch Out”, prior to signing to Loud Records as a solo artist. Big Pun died of a heart attack at age 28.Read More Here…

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3 Responses to Big Pun’s Family And Supporters Held A Rally Saturday In The BX (Sign Petition To Rename 163rd St and Rogers Place In The Bronx To Big Pun Place)

  1. enphiniti says:

    I lived on Rogers place all my life and I’m of puerto rican decent and its not that hes not black Pun NEVER I MEAN NEVER did any thing for this community, for this block or in 5 block radis we had so many block parties and he never showed love to Rogers so why should he get this street named after him smh its not right take that shyt to the block he lived on and not rogers dont get me wrong i love pun’s music but he doesnt deserve a block named after him ESPECIALLY NOT ROGERS PLACE….and all of the residents on this block agree

    • Even though he had his hand in a Rec Center I agree their are more people who did more for the community on a humanitarian scale from the BX they should consider naming a street after then him.Whether or not they name that street after Pun or another one ( a smaller one ideally) would be good though in my opinion.Not because of what he did or did not do for the the community.But what he accomplished for Latins in music in such a short time. And that area being made up of mostly latino’s, the naming of a street based on his deed and not necessarily his character is a good representation that if he could do what he did, who knows what so and so can do.I think something like that does wonders everyday subliminally when you are trying to grab your goals and dreams.I don’t know though I don’t live out their and you do so I respect your opinion and might feel the same why you do.I appreciate the feedback and the comment though.Thanks for peeping the site.

      Peace to you

  2. bigpunplace says:

    In her brother’s name, sister of the late Big Pun Nicole “Nicky” Rodriguez personally will be donating “Back to School” supplies for the upcoming 2011/2012 school year for some of the elementary school aged children who reside on the street named Rogers Place in the Bronx. This is the street she has put much effort into renaming a portion of and/or co-naming to Christopher “Big Pun” Rios Place. Nicole stated ” with Rogers Place being the memorial location for the past 11 years, for the residents of this street to allow Tats Cru to paint over their walls to make year after year murals of my brother, to except our family, friends and fans to overwhelm their streets to visit the Big Pun mural-it is only appropriate and respectful to them that I start giving back from their street first.” If you would like to donate school supplies to help more of the children on Rogers Place to have a great start to the new school year-You can start helping from now by mailing donated School supplies only! (No monetary donation/No money accepted) to Attention: Nicole Rodriguez P.O Box 771463, Orlando, FL 32877. Nicole has future plans to help other areas -Nicole stated “I want to be like a secret santa and give back surprisingly, this was me and my brother’s childhood dream.’ Let’s make a difference one street at a time, Any questions email:

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