Track Of The Day: Death Cab For Cutie – Home Is A Fire (Bonus New Music: Cleveland Jones – Twice (Little Dragon Cover), Spree Wilson – No Use In Running & Bound to Pack it Up (White Stripes Cover), & Pure X – Back Where I Began)

Death Cab For Cutie – Home Is A Fire

© 2011 WMG. From “CODES and KEYS”. Order it here:

Great cover from Cleveland Jones.I actually like this better then the OG Version.
Cleveland Jones – Twice

“So…the decision to do this was completely random, as I only was playing along with the original song, on piano, since it really relaxes me (besides being an absolutely beautiful song from one of my new favorite bands, Little Dragon); I needed a studio break as I was slightly stressed.Leave it to the creator in me to feel compelled to record a cover version of it, but Cleveland Jones was good enough to oblige, after only listening to it for 10 min, and for the 1st time ever hearing it, then recorded his vocals. Wonder what Little Dragon would think of this? All I know is that he gave it a dimension all it’s own and I really am in awe of his talent and honored to be working on his debut EP.”
-Ahmed Sirour-

New tracks from Spree Wilson.Off Of The NeverEnding Now Dropping April 12th! I really dig this guys music when he is not trying to rap too much.

Spree Wilson – No Use In Running

Great cover of The White Stripes.
Spree Wilson – Bound to Pack it Up (White Stripes Cover)

A few news bits regarding Texas slow-rockers Pure Ecstasy; first off, they’re calling themselves Pure X now, and they’ve got their debut LP, Pleasure, on the way on July 5 in the U.S. (and August 22 everywhere else) via Acéphale. To celebrate, the band’s giving away a previously unreleased cut from around the time of their debut EP You’re In It Now (which is seeing re-release on Acéphale and Light Lodge as well), “Back Where I Began”; you can grab that below.
Pure X – Back Where I Began

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