Track Of The Day: Sade – Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy Cover) (Bonus New Music: Homeboy Sandman – I Knew & Daniel Merriweather – A Little Bit Better)

This Sade track actually reminds me why I like music.

While Sade gears up for the release of The Hits Collection, the English singer releases “Still In Love With You,” a cover of Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy’s classic 1974 single featured on the band’s Nightlife album. Listen to the classic romantic ballad before the greatest hits album arrives in stores on May 3.
[via Complex]
Sade – Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy Cover)

Whether you like Homeboy Sandman you can’t deny the great vibe he puts into his music.

Homeboy Sandman has made up his mind that he will be on late night TV. When, and how, are still yet to be determined. However, Boy Sand has started the effort by dropping this new track, “I Knew,” with the sole purpose of getting the attention of ?uestlove himself, in hopes of getting put on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (other rappers, please don’t bombard ?uesto with similar attempts, try your own angle). The song is very dope on its’ own, regardless of whether it leads to Boy Sand getting a late night placement (got my fingers crossed for the kid, though).
[via OkayPlayer]
Homeboy Sandman – I Knew

Daniel Merriweather and Mark Ronson produced joint from the soundtrack for Russell Brand‘s remake of the 1981 classic Dudley Moore movie Arthur.
Daniel Merriweather – A Little Bit Better

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