Picture Of The Day: Keep America Beautiful PSA (Aka The Crying Indian) (Bonus: The Crying Indian PSA Video)

On Earth Day 1971, a new campaign was launched with the theme “People Start Pollution. People can stop it.” It was a Public Service Announcement featuring the now iconic “Crying Indian” played by Iron Eyes Cody…Read More

I probably could of combined the picture and the video of the day with this.But oh well 😦

I didn’t even know this ad was made in the 70’s cause it haunted me as a little ass kid in the late 80’s.As a adult I can see the message it was trying to get across.But as a little kid who’s only interaction with Indians were TV shows and cowboy movies. I thought they were savages at the time.Hollywood did a great job of making them appear that way, I guess they still do. So being a rebellious kid I use to litter like crazy when I was young.I’d throw wrappers on the side of the road.And yell “Take that you injun cry baby sonovabitch”.I always waited to see if Iron Eyes Cody would appear and cry.

Now years later even though my way of thinking is different when it comes to Native Americans. I still sometimes find myself littering for old times sake.I don’t know if I am chasing Iron Eyes or what.Or maybe I am trying to recapture my youth.Or maybe I am sadistic and want to see someone that appears powerful to cry. I think it boils down merely to the fact that I am retarded though (no disrespect to retards) 😦


70’s PSA Keep America Beautiful (Crying Indian)

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