Video Of The Day: Immortal Technique – You Never Know Featuring Jean Grae [Fan Made Video]

Pretty cool fan made video I ran across for Immortal Technique’s emo joint with Jean Grae.I thought the guy who made this did a really good job.It reminded me of a low budget version of the movie The Notebook.Maybe call that shit The Trapper Keeper or some shit.All jokes aside though it did a pretty decent job of catching the sadness of Techniques song.Especially with the scenes with the old man.

Uploaded by TheGASMass on Dec 15, 2010 – Independent film based on the hip hop song ‘You Never Know’ by Immortal Technique featuring Jean Grae. (Written & Directed by Al Mukadam, Produced by Mazin Elsadig & Jonathan Malen)

In “You Never Know”, Immortal Technique laments a missed opportunity at love as well as huge tragedy which he experienced personally, with Jean Grae singing the chorus.

“You Never Know”, is off Revolutionary Vol. 2 (2003-2004) the second album released by rapper Immortal Technique and is a follow-up to his debut album, Revolutionary Vol. 1.The CD included Immortal Technique’s phone number. It was endorsed by Mumia Abu-Jamal, who introduces the album and also provides a speech about hip hop’s relationship to Homeland security. Revolutionary Vol. 2 attacks the United States government, especially the Bush Administration. Immortal Technique suggests that there is a conspiracy that serves to divert and imprison blacks and Latinos, if not all of the proletariat. In an attempt to reveal the hypocrisy of American jingoism, he makes reference to Project MKULTRA, the Patriot Act, Acid rain, American companies with Nazi ties, the Catholic Church’s platform of non-involvement during the The Holocaust, and the Church calling Muhammad a “terrorist” amongst many other accusations. Immortal Technique claimed in an interview to have sold more than 85,000 copies.

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