Mixtape – Animal Collective – ATP Animal Collective Mix (Featuring: Ariel Pink, Beach House, Meat Puppets, Big Boi, Vladislav Delay, Zombay, & Many More) (Free Download)

Via: clashmusic.com

Animal Collective have crafted a two hour mix containing many of the acts they have chosen to play All Tomorrows Parties.

With the festival scene becoming increasingly homogenous, All Tomorrows Parties continues to be vital. For a band, the ability to roll up with your kit and know that you’re playing alongside like minds must be a thrill.

Handed the keys to the castle, Animal Collective have responded with a typically eclectic bill. The American group have chosen everyone from Jamaican legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry to Ariel Pink, with plenty of diversions along the way.

Moving from the analogue electronica of Oneohtrix Point Never to the experimental pop of Micachu & The Shapes, the bill is a wide ranging feast of music. Tickets are on sale now, but don’t expect them to hang around.

Mixing live music with DJ sets and more, Animal Collective are taking their role as curators seriously indeed. Set to play a headline set at the event itself, the band recently burst back into life following a series of solo projects.

Now the band have completed a special mix based on the line up they have chosen. Animal Collective have mashed together as many acts as they can, with the sprawling two hour mix beginning with Orthrelm and finishing with Zomby.

Listen to it below…

ATP Animal Collective Mix

00:00 OV (extract) – Orthrelm
01:38 Fireworks – Animal Collective
08:21 Norway – Beach House
12:23 Credit – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
15:45 House Jam (XXXChange remix) – Gang Gang Dance
20:12 Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Grouper
23:00 Cheaters – Teengirl Fantasy
29:07 Shina Blockas – Big Boi feat. Gucci Mane
32:43 Freeway – Kurt Vile
35:15 Up On The Sun – Meat Puppets
39:14 Vacuum Boogie – Floating Points
45:17 High Road – Deradoorian
50:52 Goumou – Khaira Arby
56:06 Oh Paris! – Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
58:46 Gentleman’s Lament – Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
61:31 Night Cream – Black Dice
67:01 Discover Your Colors – Ear Pwr
70:13 I’ve Got Drugs (Out Of The Mist) – The Frogs
72:31 Trashy Boys – Tickley Feather
77:17 Good Time – Yi Yi Thant & Aung Heina
81:40 Rookoobay – The Brothers Unconnected
85:13 Grim Reaper Blues (live in Big Sur) – The Entrance Band
92:26 Mawak Lakhaal – Group Doueh
95:55 Raghupati – Prince Rama
101:07 How You Satisfy Me – Spectrum
105:16 Catch Attack – Drawlings
109:14 Al Anon – Eric Copeland
113:10 Melankolia (edit) – Vladislav Delay
122:01 Four Violins (extract) – Tony Conrad
127:34 Wended V – Mick Barr
135:45 Fuck Mixing, Let’s Dance – Zomby

ATP Curated by Animal Collective is on sale now from http://www.atpfestival.com/events/atpanimalcollective.php

Signup to ATP’s Facebook Pop Quiz to win tickets: http://www.atpfestival.com/events/atpanimalcollective/news/1103221534.php

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