Introducing Krystal Hardwick in ‘The Tale of Two Fish’ (Debut album AVAILABLE NOW From Peace Uv Mine Entertainment)

From the same camp that brought you H.I.S.D. and the incomparable Michele Thibeaux, Peace Uv Mine is now pleased to introduce you to singer / songwriter Krystal Hardwick’s debut album The Tale of Two Fish. Both the digital (NAME YOUR PRICE) and physical CD are now available at You be the judge…

The Tale of Two Fish (CD)
An aural invitation into a world of Krystal Hardwick’s creation. A world of sonic and emotional vibrations that skip and reverberate like rays from the sun. If you allow yourself to be guided, it’s inevitable you’ll fall under the spell she’s spun. Hardwick’s moody and seductive vocals lead you into a place where sadness and introspection can be as colorful and funky as joy.
The LIMITED EDITION CD includes a hidden track that’s not available on the digital album.

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© & ℗ Peace Uv Mine Entertainment Group LLC

released 22 March 2011

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