Track Of The Day: Emily And The Woods – I Can’t (Bonus: The Dodos – Don’t Stop Featuring Neko Case, The Fleshtones – Bite of My Soul, & J Mascis – Not Enough) (New Tracks)

“I Can’t” released in memory of our dear friend Jake who died a year ago today.Please check out Headculture, a Manchester based charity set up by Jake’s brother Oli which raises awareness about the danger of depression and suicide in young men. You can find them here:


Off The The Dodo‘s new album out now – No Color ($2.99 on Amazon for limited time with bonus track)
The Dodos – Don’t Stop Featuring Neko Case

Originally formed in 2006 under the moniker Dodobird as a one man acoustic act, Meric Long would gig around SF playing folky guitar w/ a combination of loops and ambient keyboards. Having already studied West African Ewe drumming, Meric got turned onto country blues fingerpicking and sought to create a band where the drumming could be a center role and help bring out the syncopated rhythms coming out of the acoustic guitar. Through a chance introduction by a roommate, Meric met Santa Cruz transplant Logan Kroeber, who had also been experimenting with drumming, but in the area of progressive metal. Eventually the band changed their name to the Dodos, through constant harrowing from first tourmates Peter and the Wolf, and got a rehearsal studio where they’d spend long hours improvising the music that would become their first record Beware of the Maniacs. The band quit their day jobs as a line cook and a printer and hit the road in Oct. 2006 and never looked back.

New Music From The Fleshtones From The Album Brooklyn Sound Solution,Out Now.
The Fleshtones – Bite of My Soul

The Fleshtones’ new record, Brooklyn Sound Solution, started off with a bit of archaeology.

Torn between making a record of covers or instrumentals but knowing they wanted their next outing to be more soul-flavored, longtime friend and now Fleshtones producer Phast Phreddie Patterson dropped dozens of old school old 7-inch R&B singles on the garage rockers and told them get to work.

Great Song By J Mascis Off Several Shades Of Why, Out Now.
J Mascis – Not Enough

In the quarter century since he founded Dinosaur (Jr.), J Mascis has created some of the era’s signature songs, albums and styles. The laconically-based roar of his guitar, drums and vocals have driven a long string of bands—Deep Wound, Dinosaur Jr., Gobblehoof, Velvet Monkeys, the Fog, Witch, Sweet Apple—and he has guested on innumerable sessions. But Several Shades of Why, recorded at Amherst, Massachusetts’ Bisquiteen Studios, is J’s first solo studio record, and it is an album of incredible beauty, performed with a delicacy not always associated with his work.

Nearly all acoustic, Several Shades of Why was created with the help of a few friends. Notable amongst them are Kurt Vile, Sophie Trudeau (A Silver Mount Zion), Kurt Fedora (long-time collusionist), Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Matt Valentine (The Golden Road), and Suzanne Thorpe (Wounded Knees). Together in small mutable groupings, they conjure up classic sounds ranging from English-tinged folk to drifty, West Coast-style singer/songwriterism. But every track, every note even, bears that distinct Mascis watermark, both in the shape of the tunes and the glorious rasp of the vocals. Ten brilliant tunes that quietly grow and expand until they fill your brain with the purest pleasure.
Released: March 15, 2011

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