Video Music Box #14 (Featuring: Hector Lavoe, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Willie Colon, Yerbabuena, Tito Puente, & Various Artists – A Tribute To The Fania All-Stars)

The 13th installment of music related videos I find entertaining.With no said date.Meaning it could of came out today or 20 years ago.This time around It’s a Latin thing. This edition follows up installment # 12 which was a St Patty’s edition.

Our Latin Thing: A Tribute To The Fania All-stars at BB King’s Blues Club & Grill New York 1-14-10

Uploaded by salsamerenguetv on Jan 15, 2010
Featuring: Flaco Navaja,Anisa Gathers,Luques Curtis,Marcos “Ito” Arguinzoni,Jonathan Powell,Daniel Antonetti,Gilberto Velazquez,Julie Acosta,Ron Prokopez,Renzo Padilla,Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz,Carlos “Carlitos” Padron,Joseph “Quique” Gonzalez,Hector “Papote” Jimenez,Andy Hunter,Jorge Castro,Adan Perez

Hector Lavoe – Mi Gente – Zaire, Africa 1974

Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Llego la Banda

Uploaded by IMNWorld on Feb 22, 2007
Grammy award winner ‘Spanish Harlem Orchestra’ live at the Montreal Jazz Festival

Willie Colon – La Murga

Tito Puente on Sesame Street
Uploaded by sawing14s on Jul 18, 2007
¡Arriba, muchachos! It’s Latin percussionist extraordinaire Tito Puente, whose music even a grouch can’t resist dancing to.


Rubén Blades – Pedro Navajas (Club)

YERBABUENA: “El blanco y el de color”
Uploaded by tatobrujo on Jun 4, 2009

YERBABUENA performs the jíbaro clasic “”El blanco y el de color” (originally written recorded by For Morales Ramos “Ramito”) for NHK’s (Japanese TV) “New York Music Love” live at FB LOUNGE in El Barrio (Spanish Harlem) in New York City.

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