Track Of The Day: Nostalgia 77 – Cherry (Bonus: Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown (Feat. Josa Peit) & Pusha T – Alone In Vegas)

Finally back with some new music.
Nostalgia 77 – Cherry

Nostalgia 77’s track “Cherry,” forthcoming off The Sleepwalking Society out March 22 via Tru Thoughts

The new record is out officially on Monday but you can get a copy here at etchshop.There’s a CD or an LP with a CD disc inside, all lovingly designed by Stephen Kenny – at atwopipeproblem.The record features lots of lovely musicians, Tim Giles, Ross Stanley, Fulvio Sigurta, Natalie Rosario, Kaz Simmons James Allsopp, Mark Hanslip, Riaan Vosloo who also did some arrangements and a singer called Josa Peit from berlin.

You can stream some songs from the LP here on KCRW and there’s some very kind reviews of the record on some sites like the bbc and revivalist.Or if your german speaking there’s one here at HHVWe’ve also got these nice posters hand printed by Mr Kenny too. What a treat.

Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown (feat. Josa Peit)

Released 28th February 2011, ‘Simmerdown’ is the first single to be lifted from the new Nostalgia 77 album, ‘The Sleepwalking Society’. Both the album and this single feature the stunning vocals of Josa Peit.The album is out 21st March 2011

New track off Pusha T’s Fear Of God Mixtape,dropping tomorrow.I don’t get much into the whole braggadocios drug flow kind of hip hop.But I can’t really front on Pusha T’s undeniable presence on the mic.I’m really digging this track and a few other new ones I have heard. I’m look forward to tomorrow to hear the entire mix.Dude definitely has skills
Pusha T – Alone In Vegas (Tags)

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