Mixtape: EPMD Special Edition Mixtape Mixed by DJ Scratch (Featuring: LL Cool J, Redamn, Keith Murray, & More) (Throwback)

EPMD was basically my favorite group back in the day.When they made the Hit Squad that made my year.I fell into a deep depression which I just woke up out of yesterday when they broke up.Just kidding but I was pissed when it happened.It left such a void cause they were a powerhouse.I’m pretty sure that was the first Hip Hop super group.You had Redman,K-SOLO,Das Efx, and EPMD.It sucked when they split.But anyway this mixtape is a banger.This is a mixtape DJ Scratch put together a few years ago and was sold exclusively on EPMD’s 2006 tour…Enjoy

01 Rampage 02 I’m Mad (Remix) 03 Big Payback 04 So Wat Cha Sayin 05 Gold Digger. 06 Scratch Bring It Back 07 It’s My Thing 08 You Gots To Chill 09 You Gots To Chill (Remix) 10 You’re A Customer 11 Please Listen To My Demo 12 Chill 13 Hardcore 14 Knick Knack Patty Wack 15 Let The Funk Flow 16 Get Off The Bandwagon 17 Jane 18 Hummin Comin At Ya 19 Strictly Business 20 Never Seen Before 21 Funky Piano 22 Funky Piano Breakdown 23 Symphony 2000 24 Richter Scale 25 Rampage (Studio Session)

EPMD Special Edition Mixtape – Mixed by DJ Scratch (Download)

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